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COL408: WYR5: Hardest Sex Ever

In this episode Cubs Out Loud, Jeff’s levels are really quiet, but we’ll have that fixed next time!  Also, it’s time for another Would. You. Rather!! For this WYR, we’re talking about sex. And not just any sex, but hard sex. The questions will blow your…mind.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: I GOT A RAID TEAM!
  • Damon: H&R Blockheads!
  • Chester: I had surgery
  • Gary: T-Minus…


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  • Paul Allen Hobby to Cubs Out Loud: Recently discovered your podcast, and I’m hooked. Really makes my work day fly by. Anyway, I was going back through older episodes and came across your atns: biphobia and just wanted to say I’m a bi bear, so now you know one!

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  • CurvesandCrevices: DM. -I’d love to hear your thoughts on “coding gay” – from sounding gay (like the movie “Do I Sound Gay”) to other signals and things we do (consciously or not) to let others know we’re not straight. I am always read as straight, especially as I am bi and in a relationship with a women, and am curious to hear what you notice or do, or just your thoughts!
    -(Thanks as always for the great podcast.)
  • Rotundaplomb: DM-Got to ep 400 and am just about to hear the origin stories – so excited! As a side note, don’t OD on vitamin C! Over 2g/day can be harmful, especially in cases where there are other renal issues. Your body works hard to flush out excess. Stay well gents, and thanks for the podcast. ???

Weekly Topic

 Would You Rather: Hardest Sex Ever.

  1. Only be allowed to do foreplay with your hands OR only be allowed to do foreplay with your mouth?
  2. Have amazing sex that lasts 47 seconds OR have average sex that lasts 10 minutes?
  3. Only have sex in the shower OR only have sex on the floor?
  4. Have sex when you’re drunk OR have sex when you’re hungover?
  5. Only be allowed to masturbate to porn parodies such as Star Wars and Pokémon OR the only porn you’re allowed to watch is on Vine, meaning it lasts only six seconds?
  6. Be a sex slave for a month OR wear a chastity device for a month?
  7. Only have threesomes OR never have sex?
  8. Not be able to see during sex OR not be able to touch during sex?
  9. Give up sex for a year OR give up masturbating for a year?
  10. Have a threesome with two semi-attractive guys OR sex with one super hot guy?
  11. Get kissed on the lips and only the lips OR on every part of your body, except for your lips?
  12. Date someone who refuses to cuddle OR who refuses to go down on you?

Cooldown Topics

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COL361: Hey, What’s Going On?

COL361In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the cubs get back together after a couple of weeks apart and talk about..well, what they have been up to. From jobs and work to taxes and cars, listen in the guys bring us up to speed on their lives.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Pokemon
  • Damon: Saw some theater
  • Gary: Recovery mode engaged



COL359: LTAS: Food

  • Chester Beltowski‎: Just listening to the latest episode (359:Food) and all I’m thinking about is video… By the way, please tell me Uncle Pete will be on future shows, he’s effing hilarious. 

  • Randall Stratton I agree Uncle Pete was very funny and the show was good


  • Petronelus is now following 
  • Chris Ransdell: I hope I like the book because it comes in this week!




  • RJ – Great episode guys…but I must side with Gary Snyder on this one I’d be wondering how the hell to get things out of the sheets to enjoy, but great topic..huge hugs guys

Urbandictionary with Gary

  • hulu and handjobsLike netflix and chill, and amazon and anal but with more sexual activity.

Sharkisha: Wanna come over for netflix and chill tonight?

Quan: Nah..

Skarkisha: How bout some Amazon and Anal?

Quan : No sorry

Skarkisha: Fine maybe some hulu and handjobs?

Quan: Yes of course!

Weekly Topic

WTHB – What the heck bitches

Cooldown Topics

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COL351: TTO: Foot Ballers

COL351In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, it’s another Tumblr TTO show! Just in time for the Super Bowl, we share some of our favorite footballer pics. Wide Receivers, Safeties, and Full Backs are the name of game in this sporty TTO.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: It’s only the second time
  • Damon: A Large Member…
  • Gary: Adulting and then some


  • YouTube: Setherson24135
  • Tumblr Message: fierybiscuts to Jeff:

Not gonna lie, anytime you talk about sexy stuff on the podcast I usually end up really hard. Like you guys as a group can get me hard but YOU talking about sexy stuff usually leads me to shoving my hand down my shorts. >.>

Urbandictionary with Gary:

  • football supportersAn oversize jock strap designed to support the oversize testes of very big men during intense physical exertion.

Unlike soccer players or American football players, rugby players actually need football supporters.

Weekly Topic

Tumblr TTO

Full Back [someone who is bigger that goes between power running and blocking; aka verse]

Safety [someone we would call in at anytime as the last line of defense; aka wouldn’t kick him outta bed]

Wide Receiver [a key player that functions as the pass-catching specialist; aka stellar bottom]

Honorable Mentions


Cooldown Topics


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[Gary] – The Hadrian Show – Testing 1 2 3 

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COL207: Disilusioned Cubs

malcolm_ingram_bear_nationOn this episode of Cubs Out Loud the crew catches up, then discusses the common problem of dating disillusionment. Plus, we discuss the greatest lie in advertising: “Fun Sized”. So turn up the volume and enjoy another full sized episode!

What the F Did We Do This Week

Topic: Being Disillusioned – meeting a guy that you have seen and imagined is ‘perfect/the ideal’ but discovering that he only ‘looks’ that way and then possibly the disappointment sets in

Last Week’s Poll: What’s Your Run Rule?

  • Anything Goes
  • What Happens at the Run, Stays at the Run
  • The Safety Dance
  • Couple Time!
  • Menage a Trois
  • Lesbian Lover Rules (Don’t even LOOK)
  • Other

This Weeks Poll: What is the biggest disillusionment?

  • Wrong Age
  • Old/outdated pictured
  • Purse falling out
  • Bad conversation
  • Completely Stolen Pics/Profile
  • Other

Love On Craigslist – Bringing The Best Of Love And Lust To You!

  • Damon: Bald girl wanted
  • Gary: All options are on the table is you are under 28yo
  • Eric: Seeking Robb Stark Look-alike from GoT


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COL062: Homes, Taxes, and Wiis

Synopsis: JJ’s Looking For A House, Tax Day Approaches, Gay Marriage And Squeaky Voices.


  • Have you done your taxes?
  • Tim’s Wii