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COL431: OTR: Amusement Park Bears

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, Damon, Chester and Gary are on the road, hanging out in Cincinnati! This time around, the guys discuss the 20th Anniversary (and final?) Pride Night at Kings Island and a weekend full of brew tours, food, drag queens, and so much more!

YouTube Live FULL Video [with tech issues]

YouTube Live EDITED Video [skipping most of the tech issues]

Weekly Topic

OTR: Amusement Park Bears

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COL407: All T, No Shade: Racism & Sex

In this episode Cubs Out Loud, the guys are joined again by two CA pups, Pup Beacon and Pup Yoshi, to continue an “All T, No Shade” episode about racism and the gay community. In part two, the guys get onto the topic of racism and sex. From marketing to porn, the guys take time to discuss issues of stereotypes and how they affect perspectives.

Weekly Topic

Racism & Sex

Discussion points:

  • How minorities are sexualized and desexualized
    • Wanting a black man cause he has a big dick
    • A Latino cause he’s spicy
    • An Asian man because he is submissive
  • Minorities not being seen in marketing as often as white men
  • Minorities aren’t seen in porn as often as white men, and when they are…
    • Black men are thugs
    • Latinos are cholos
    • Asians are subs

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COLDRAS: S2E06: Drag Fish Tank

coldras-s2e6In this week’s episode of COL Drag Race, there’s a pant-ic on the runway!! Gary and Damon (sans Chester) dish on the most recent episode of All-Stars Season 2. After the drama of the last show, the competition really heats up and the elimination will leave you gagging. So, be prepared to really sell your wares.

Weekly Topic

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 2 Episode 6

  • Mini Challenge: Butt Butt Golf
  • Maxi Challenge: Drag Fish Tank
  • Runway/Main Stage: Pants on the Runway

First Impressions:

  • [Gary]: The sisters are together, finally
  • [Damon]: They all wanna win!

Thoughts on This Episode:

  • [Gary]: Alaska has Lazer Vision
  • [Damon]: Marketable Merchandise

Cooldown Topics


  • [Gary]: Know your brand, think ahead aka Be Prepared
  • [Damon]: If this had been Ru..

Snaps / Eyerolls:

  • [Gary]: Snaps for… Alaska/RuPaul’s rant
  • [Gary]: Eyerolls for… Detox’s product
  • [Damon]: Snaps for…Tati’s T-Boz/Katya’s commercial
  • [Damon]: Eyerolls for…The Chop!

Closing Thoughts:

  • [Gary]: The game is still on
  • [Damon]: What’s next?

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COL379: Summer Hits ‘16

COL379In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys return to discuss the Billboard Summer Hits of 2016. We can’t stop the feeling of these great songs! Are the songs some cheap thrills or do they make us wanna dance one dance? Don’t let us down and if you don’t mind, listen in while you work from home.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Invasions Commence
  • Damon: Staycation/AC
  • Gary: Summer Chillin’
  • Chester: A visit from Chase and Manchester Pride with Moodybear


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  • Death Cab for Cubby

Weekly Topic

Billboard’s Summer Hits

The summer’s most popular songs across all, based on cumulative performance on the weekly Billboard Hot 100 chart from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Rankings are determined by radio airplay audience impressions as measured by Nielsen BDS, sales data as compiled by Nielsen and streaming activity data from online music sources tracked by Nielsen BDS.

  1. One Dance – Drake featuring WizKid and Kyla
  2. Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake
  3. Don’t Let Me Down – The Chainsmokers featuring Daya
  4. Panda – Desiigner
  5. This is What You Came For – Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna
  6. Cheap Thrills – Sia featuring Sean Paul
  7. Needed Me – Rihanna
  8. Ride – twenty one pilots 
  9. Work From Home – Fifth Harmony featuring Ty Dolla $ign 
  10. Don’t Mind – Kent Jones

Honorable Mention:
J-MoBear dancing to “Can’t Stop the Feeling”

Cooldown Topics

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  • Jeff: The Wraith: Shangri-La by ICP

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COL316: OTR: Interview with Hadrian and Bailey Part Two

COL316In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, Gary continues his interview with Hadrian and Bailey during his vacation in Orlando, FL. The conversation covers dad bods, our celebrity expectations, and Hadrian opens up about his health. Then they discuss growing older with our body changes while also being a person relatively known on a local, if not international level in the bear community. Oh, and Gary finds out there’s a battered bearelebrities wives club.

Weekly Topic

Hadrian and Bailey

Hadrian’s Tumblr Account

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