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COL421: Couples Age Differences

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud,  we are joined by Ches to talk about intergenerational relationships: the good, the bad, and the uncomfortable. We get it on with the May-December, throw down with All the Young Dudes, dust off our Silver Daddy/Santa fantasies, and talk about how cubs and Daddy bears make age-gaps in relationships work.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Computer Down, Repeat, Computer Down!
  • Damon: Part of an panel
  • Chester: It’s been a hell of a month!
  • Gary: Guess who’s back in the house?
  • Ches: Pride; Birthday; Welcome baby Finnian!


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Weekly Topic

Relationships with Age Spans between the Partners

  • Age is a number… Generational Gaps no longer defined
  • Values, Morals, and Ethics.
    • Values: Are having an emotional investment (either for or against something)
    • Morals: Are your ideas of what is right and what is wrong
    • Ethics: Are a set of rules which are explicitly adopted by a group of people
  • Age, Maturity, Life Experiences
    • Older Age =/= Mature, just as Younger Age =/= immature
  • Friends and Family Reactions/Acceptance
  • Challenges
    • Lack of life experiences can be frustrating
    • Facing down the question of mortality
  • Advantages
    • Experiencing new things together
      • Sharing our favorite things
        • music, movies, Gaming/TTG
      • Seeing things “new” again
      • The ability to help teach

Cooldown Topics

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COL197: The Mystery Sammy Questions

commachameleonOn this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the Cubs take on a slew of solicitations from Mystery Sammy and ponder the importance of shorts in the bear culture. We also take a tour through classical art with Damon, and Gary ponders just how versatile some bottoms can be via song.

So what the F did you do this week?

Facebook: Axel Allen Bloom

Bear Underground: PoshJosh, craigie698

Damon The Boy
Jeff’s Movie Moment:
The Godfather

The Godfather Collection (The Coppola Restoration) [Blu-ray]

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Topic: The Mystery Sammy Questions

From Mystery Sammy

Here are the topics and questions.

Q: Why Cubs, Bear and Chubs Like To Wear Shorts So Much I Could Say More Than Slender Guys?

Topic And Question: Do You Think The Gay Friendship Is More Intimate Than Straight Guys Friendship?.

Q: When Thinking Of A Relationship Does The Size Of His Dick Matters To You?

Q: Why Gays Like Beards, Mustaches And Gotees More Than Straight Guys?.

Q: Why Redheads Are So Wanted In The Gay World?

Topic: Do You Think Wear A Hardness Make A Gay Guy Look Sexier?.

Topic: I though that be a cub and bear is about fisical apparence not age because a chubb guy still a chubb no matters age.

This Weeks Poll: Can You Go 2 Weeks Without Sex And Masturbation? Yes, No, 1 week, Are you FUCKING crazy?!?, Other

Last Week’s Poll: Does it get better? Yes, No, Sometimes, Depends on you, Other

Love On Craigslist – Bringing The Best Of Love And Lust To You!

Damon: Fun Bear
Eric: Mr. Snuggles looking for the cuddling princess

Gary: Looking for a “puppy”


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