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COL416: LTAK: Consent & Respect 2 Part 1

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, it’s another Let’s Talk About Kink. This time around we bring back an old topic in light of recent discussions on social media. The guys are joined by kink favorites Ms Tammy and Ches as well as Brady, Mr. North American Bear Cub 2017 and Ray, Mr. North American Bear 2016 to contemplate consent and respect. In this first part of a two-part series, the guys describe what consent is and when and how things can go wrong with it.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Farming
  • Damon: 91st BDay,  Poker and Old Friends
  • Chester: Lots of new music! Chainsmokers and Todrick Hall
  • Gary: SSDD on loop
  • Ches: FUCKING MOVING, but I still love my husband, CLAW
  • Ms. Tammy: Judging Contests, Leather Events, Mr. KY Leather, Mom and grandsons, Hammy
  • Ray: Finally taking some time from traveling
  • Brady: Travel!

Did I Do That?

Weekly Topic

Let’s Talk About Kink: Respect and Consent

Our previous episode COL314 [found here] was nearly two years ago. Some things though do not change with time…

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COL244: Simply The Best…of 2013!

col logo 01 colorOn this episode of Cubs Out Loud, with the new year dawning, the cubs reminisce on the year of 2013. We discuss what we liked as the best episodes, our favorites of COL, and also the highlights of our year. Also, we have a new guy on the pedestal, get free advertising, and truly bond as freaky friends.

What’s Going On?

  • [Jeff] My internet was stolen
  • [Gary] S.A.D. Meh and Wedding Fun
  • [Damon] No Christmas w/BF Yet


Tumblr: tigerboyangel,
COLASSonfire40 posted:

Cubs Out Loud.  Very touched and flattered you guys thought I was hot. My name is Marc and I live in Montreal, Qc. That’s right. French Canadian bear! Lol. You guys totally rock. Gonna make a special pic just for you guys! Cheers boys! Xxxx

BU Group Joiners: AndyKane, sunray

BU Group: Brewser said:

“Hey guys!
So I’m a couple of weeks behind and have just finished listening to episode 240 where Jeff regails us with his Toad-In-The-Hole cooking adventures. Unfortunately Jeff, what you were describing is Egg-In-A-Basket, not Toad-In-The-Hole, which is a dish of fat English sausages baked into a yorkshire pudding style batter. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toad_in_the_hole
If we ever get the chance, I would be more than happy to cook it for you guys. Love,Bruce P.S. If someone has already corrected you on this, there’s no need to read this out :D”

G+: Marc Quick
G+ Mention: Mr. Allan

“And we have a NEW contender for this week’s “Bitter, Party Of One” Award (Adam4Adam Division):

You know whats bad? I have a man but he hates me. update time. if im on im horned and ready. im just a country boy lookin to be liberated. b.b. perferred no chocolate plz. and no uncuts. hey. not being picky guys but we are guys and im in the sex mode. and looking for a daddy that will take care of his boy.
If the +Cubs Out Loud boys aren’t taking these down, I’ll be very disappointed. Maybe these can run on the podcast as an adjunct to “Love On Craigslist”.

COL Website Comments:
Henryk Egermann says: December 25, 2013 at 10:47 am

Hey, guys. I just heard Episode 236 with your pitch for funds to upgrade the equipment used in producing the COL podcast. Having just suffered through the previous episode, with its frequent dropouts and maddening stutters, I’m very sympathetic to your request and have just made a Christmas Day donation that I hope will help in your quest. Don’t know if I’ll ever catch up & become a current listener, but I do listen to them all in order. Keep up the effort.
All the best, Henry

Leonard Williams says: January 7, 2014 at 5:43 pm

I think you have a strictly gay male slant to your podcast, how about adding a guy who is, as you would say, closeted I think that would add an interesting dynamic to the show, I live and work in a straight world, that I would think would give you better insight on some subjects, let me know

Weekly Topic
Best of 2013 – recap episode: Cover all the usual categories, add a few fun others like best run, best trick, best thing to happen to you in 13, etc.

COL Moments:

  • COL194: Eric Joins as a host (Second episode of year and right after the trivia challenge)
  • COL196: Gary’s first host episode
  • COL199: Robert visit
  • COL201: TNG 1 Year Anniversary
  • COL205: Tumblr Down
  • COL208: Craigslist Workshop
  • COL219: Relaunch And Ben left
  • COL220: Guest Robert
  • COL222: Robert Fully Returns
  • COL243: A COL Christmas

Favorite COL Topic of 2013:

  • [Jeff] – COL233: Depends On The Sausage You Eat

Favorite Link/Pick/Tumblr of 2013:

  • [Jeff] – The Guild: I’m the One That’s Cool

Most Downloaded Episode of COL 2013:

Best Thing to Happen to You in 2013:

  • [Jeff] – This cast
  • [Damon] – Year of 10
  • [Gary] Spending Time with Best Friends [FL,IN,NC]

Best Trick:

  • [Jeff] – Jon
  • [Damon] – Portland
  • [Gary] San Antonio Mystery Man


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