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COL381: LTAK: Boy vs Pup

COL381In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, it’s time for another Let’s Talk About Kink. For this one, the guys are joined by Ches (Foxbear), Ray (Mr. North American Bear), and pups Beacon and Dozor to talk about boys and pups. What common features do these roles play under the grander kinky umbrella and where do they differ? Listen in as the cubs break down these two similar, yet very different identities.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Legion has arrived!
  • Damon: IndyFurCon briefly
  • Chester: Mancs Pride
  • Gary: Bestie Time
  • Ches/FoxBear: WORK!  NEED VACATION!
  • Ray: Imperial Court of Indianapolis
  • Pup Dozor: Softball and Hockey end of season! Prep for BtW.
  • Pup Beacon: Busy summer. All the new things. Job, home, car, pup, member of Onyx, etc


Facebook Comment:

  • Randall Stratton: Just finished listening to the podcast..and I agree with Gary none of these songs did it for me..like it was said on the show they seemed to follow a formula..so I was like..meh next.

Weekly Topic

Let’s Talk About Kink: Boys vs Pups

COL314: LTAK: Respect and Consent

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