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COL366: TTO: The _ILF Episode

COL366In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, it’s another This, That or Other. This time around, we’re talking about the ILFs, the bears, cubs and daddies we’d like to fuck! That’s right, we’re in that kinda mood, so we’re sharing some of our fap material with you.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Shirts Complete
  • Damon: Cold/Allergy/Sinus
  • Gary: Blech



  • Chester Beltowski: Damon… An easy, quick, and inexpensive pervertable is a spoon dipped into plastidip!
  • Chester Beltowski: Side note regarding CLAW classes: The class descriptions will say if participation is mandatory, if not then no. Which is funny because this happened… I went to a CBT class that expressly said it was “hands-on,” and clothing would be removed. It also said pre-registration was required. I was standing outside the classroom before it started and from the inside of the room I heard someone yell “Well I’m not doing that!” and then these two guys came out of the room followed by one of them yelling “You’re an asshole.” Soooo, I’m guessing the instructor told them what was going to happen and they didn’t like it.


YouTube Subscibers: 

  • blue red

Urbandictionary with Gary

  • BILFBeard I’d Like to Fondle

Lea ~ “Holy shitkebabs; see that beautiful bloke over there with a massive beard?”
Victoria ~ “Yeah, what a BILF, let’s go fondle it!”

Weekly Topic

TTO: The _ILF Episode



DILF [Dad]:

Honorable Mentions:

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COL351: TTO: Foot Ballers

COL351In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, it’s another Tumblr TTO show! Just in time for the Super Bowl, we share some of our favorite footballer pics. Wide Receivers, Safeties, and Full Backs are the name of game in this sporty TTO.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: It’s only the second time
  • Damon: A Large Member…
  • Gary: Adulting and then some


  • YouTube: Setherson24135
  • Tumblr Message: fierybiscuts to Jeff:

Not gonna lie, anytime you talk about sexy stuff on the podcast I usually end up really hard. Like you guys as a group can get me hard but YOU talking about sexy stuff usually leads me to shoving my hand down my shorts. >.>

Urbandictionary with Gary:

  • football supportersAn oversize jock strap designed to support the oversize testes of very big men during intense physical exertion.

Unlike soccer players or American football players, rugby players actually need football supporters.

Weekly Topic

Tumblr TTO

Full Back [someone who is bigger that goes between power running and blocking; aka verse]

Safety [someone we would call in at anytime as the last line of defense; aka wouldn’t kick him outta bed]

Wide Receiver [a key player that functions as the pass-catching specialist; aka stellar bottom]

Honorable Mentions


Cooldown Topics


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