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COL420: State of the Community ’17

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, in honor of Pride Month, the cubs come together again to discuss the state of the community. From the Stonewall riots to the Pulse shooting, LGBT+ life has been strongly affected by the month of June. This time around, the guys talk about the past, the present, and the potential future of the community given recent incidents. Has Pride truly gone political or is this just the start of the next generation?

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What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: It’s a whole new raid and computer frustrations
  • Damon: Cincinnati Pride
  • Gary: Pride Recognition


Voicemail: Blank didn’t get the job

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Discussion of where the LGBTQIA community stands today compared to one year ago [episode COL371].

Side note: Michael Jackson died on this date [of recording] in 2009, eight year ago today at age 50.

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It’s Time

From boycottmaine.us.

As I wait for Maine’s votes to be counted, I have time to provide an explanation of this website and the person behind the scenes.

I’m a gay male who’s tired of both the religious right and the general gay agenda. Both sides have been fighting the same fight under different guises for over forty years. While gay rights have come a long way since the time of Stonewall, all would acknowledge we have a long way to go.

Case in point is the current fight for gay marriage. I don’t support the the idea that gays have a right to marry. Now, before you click to the next blog let me explain.

Simply put, I don’t believe the word marriage should be in any of our laws. As I’ve said on many a podcast “Marriage is a religious concept and has no place in our laws.” Now imagine if gay activists throughout our country promoted that agenda…there’d be an all out lynching.

I don’t see marriage being repealed from our laws, nor do I see a fight for that ideal forming within my lifetime. Therefore, all I can do is to fight for what will pass, gay marriage.

However, the “in your face” approach that has been utilized over the past forty years is one that can continue to be employed. You see, in any war, tactics must change. Taking a page from recent history shows that the first step the US takes is an air attack. The military goes in and carpet bombs various areas of the target in an attempt to “shock and awe”. I equate this approach to how the gay movement began in the 1960’s, and how it continues today.

After the initial campaign, the military switches to using ground troops employing a much more thorough combat method. Some might say that this strategy employs intellect over brawn.

In my opinion, humble or not, it is time for gay activists to begin an intellectual fight for our rights. Rather than being “in your face” with rampant displays of sexuality during pride events, we need to bring the fight to our every day interactions with family, friends, colleagues, etc. I am not suggesting the standard method of coming out is in order; after all, that would be “in your face”. It’s time to begin bringing pictures of our boyfriends, girlfriends, partners and gay “family” into the office. It’s time to stop making up stories as to why we must leave early, what we are doing during the holidays, our vacation, birthday and weekends. It’s only when we begin to speak the truth in a non-confrontational way that our true desires as a community can begin to be realized in today’s social climate. Just as we’ve come a long way in forty years, our straight counter-parts have too. We must stop fighting how we have all along and realize that more of society is ‘with us’ than ‘against us’. Our “in your face” methods have made many would-be supporters tune out.

But this website is not about the overall change that I believe must happen in order for gays to finally get the rights they deserve. This website is about another tactic that we’ve seen used against us but rarely employed ourselves. Boycott.

tr.v. boy·cott·ed, boy·cott·ing, boy·cotts
To abstain from or act together in abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with as an expression of protest or disfavor or as a means of coercion. See Synonyms at blackball.
n. The act or an instance of boycotting.

[After Charles C. Boycott (1832-1897), English land agent in Ireland.]
boy’cott’er n.

“boycott.” The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Houghton Mifflin Company, 2004. 03 Nov. 2009. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/boycott>

The voters of Maine made clear today that they do not support equality within their borders. They have voted to prohibit two loving citizens the protections of marriage simply because those citizens poses similar sets of genitalia. Mainers have decided to vote against love, family, humanity and decency by effectively repealing a law enacted by their elected officials just five months ago.

It is now time for us, as gay men, women and transgendered to cast our vote against Main and the ~53% of its electorate that chose to deny homosexual citizens the same protections heterosexuals enjoy simply because because of our chromosomes. We must unite and begin an immediate slowing of tourism to Maine.

Until we speak with our dollars, those unable to get past gender assignment will not even try to understand that our desire for marriage is not about “tab a, slot b”, or any combination thereof. Until we speak the language of capitalism, we will not be taken seriously in our quest for democracy. As long as homosexuals continue to give our taxed dollars to those who voted yes on Question 1, they won’t understand how they are truly affected by the gay community.

In 2006, tourists accounted for ~$429 million in tax revenues with tourism alone accounting for 17% of jobs in the state. Indeed Maine states the quality of life afforded to its citizens is affected directly by tourism. It is ironic that the gay Mainer is not afforded the same quality of life paid for by his gay brothers as they visit Maine on vacation.

It is time for all members of the LGBT community to stop paying for the life enjoyed by those who voted against our community.

The argument will be made that by restricting our spending in Maine, we will affect the gay community negatively. I respond by saying that the emotional affect of today’s vote is much more harmful to gay citizens participating in Maine’s tourism industry than any hit to their wallets will be. Certainly there will be pain, the pain that comes before any advancement is realized. I stop short at suggesting LGBT citizens pack up and move to one of the four New England states that support gay marriage, but it’s not a bad idea.

The LGBT community has tried to be in our enemies’ faces for too long now, with diminishing results. It is time to redefine the war – and our methods – for obtaining the same status afforded to the heterosexual citizenry of the world.

It is with this goal that I launch BoycottMaine.US today. My sincere hope is that it will grow into a place where LGBT individuals can learn more about the fight for equality in Maine and other states, while discussing ways we can spend our gay tourism dollars in states that support our right to equal protection under the law.
– TheGriff

Please comment on this article at http://bit.ly/boycottmaine.

COL089: A Windows Peak

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Hosts: Jeff, Griff

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