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COL325: Summer Reading: An Older Man by Wayne Hoffman

AnOlderManCoverIn this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we crack open a book and enjoy some summer reading. While experiencing some technical difficulties, the cubs are joined by author Wayne Hoffman to discuss his latest book “An Older Man”. A standalone sequel to his other book, “Hard”, Wayne tells the story of his main character, Moe, as he traverses the highs and lows of Bear Week in Provincetown.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff – Got a job, and an interview.
  • Damon – Columbus Weekend Fun with Pups and Board Retreat and Roseland
  • Gary – Summer is here!


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Urbandictionary with Gary

shirt cocking – Men who go about their day with a shirt on, but no pants or underwear.

“Cocking” can be used with other terms. Example: Cowl Cocking, when a man wears only a super heros cowl, much like Batmans cowl, but no pants or underwear.

Look at that dude, he’s totally shirt cocking.

Weekly Topic

Discussion of Wayne Hoffman’s newest book, An Older Man.

Cooldown Topics

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COL074: Gay Piñata

Amazing Weekends
Facebook Message from Auston
“I love your show. I just have one little prob. I know it is hard to deal with but, when on my iPhone all of your voices have a bit of hiss. One think to try is if you all had some pop filters that can help. Maybe pass it through a sound filter.”
Reply from Thlayli (not going to read the whole thing).
COL News:
Stepping Back – Jeff
Email from Ray
While some have declared the right wing a dying animal, numerous new conservative groups have been launched as of late. According to RightWingWatch.com, a new umbrella organization called the Freedom Federation has been also developed to encompass 27 smaller hardline conservative groups. These groups include: Faith and Freedom Institute, Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition, Newt Gingrich’s Renewing American Leadership effort, and Lou Engle’s Call to Action.
The Freedom Federation refers to itself as “a new and unique federation of some of the largest multiethnic and transgenerational faith-based organizations in the country committed to plan, strategize, and work together on common interests within the Judeo-Christian tradition to mobilize their grassroots constituencies and to communicate faith and values to the religious, social, cultural, and policymaking institutions.”
Groups joining the Freedom Federation include antigay organizations like Concerned Women of America and the Eagle Forum.
The Freedom Federation released a list of values, with outlawing abortion and preventing same-sex marriage figuring prominently.
Health and the bear community. Is it right to admire big guys?
KCJohn is on to discuss his upcoming lap-band surgery.
“What is the difference between GEEK and NERD?” – From Cookie (some other time)
Palin resigns – Griff
Pick from Michael
i have a request for your next podcast, a pick if you will. i have come across a pretty cool gay bear musician from san francisco, he calls himself Robt Bomb Shelter, his real name is Jake and he does this very cool electronicy industrial dance mood music and to top it off he’s also pretty FiretrUCKING hot i was hoping you guys could show him some love and just let the listeners know as much or as little as possible he’s on itunes as robot bomb shelter, has his own website www.robotbombshelter.com and can be found on myspace and last fm and on twitter ( RBTBMBSHLTR ) as well this has been his dream for 20plus years, so he’s pretty excited to get this EP out… but have a listen first cos you guys might think it’s shite, but i think it’s pretty cool…
Hamilton Pool – http://is.gd/1pi95 – Tim
http://www.betterbidding.com – Griff
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Jeff
3 Liter Bottles of Soda – Jeff

Stepping Back, Bear Health, Lap Bands, and More

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