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COL439: Exploring Bears

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, Damon and Gary talk about their recent travel exploits. Damon went back home to celebrate wedded bliss and then to Portland for R&R. Meanwhile, Gary hopped over the border to the north to visit Montreal for work. Listen in as they detail their adventures abroad.  Were the trips really worth?


Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Blizzcon
  • Damon: Fundraiser
  • Gary: BDay Pups/Wolfs


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Weekly Topic

We’ve traveled near and far… but did we have fun?

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COL157: Love You Wrong Time

In this episode, we talk about what YOU are talking about. We hear for Jovial Cub and what he wants to do to Ben. Phil lets us know he listens to us at work. Why we say WOOF!, how far is too far in BDSM, and more Love On Craigslist. All that and our Picks of the Week.

So what the F did you do this week?


“I just listened to your video and I just want to say that I can identify with the things you said here and even a few of the things I’ve heard you squeak out on COL. I’m new to COL, I thought you had a great voice for radio. (””)BearHugs(””) from Minnesota. ” Sent To Ben From Jovial Cub on Bruizr. (SEE DAMON AND ROBBY BOBBITT, TOLD YOU HE WAS MINE!)

  • From Phil:

Thanks so much for the hilarious response to my feedback. I laughed…really hard…at work while listening (on headphones, of course). I think I definitely would prefer your topping approach to Ben’s. Don’t know if I wanna get pounded…yet…at least.

Look forward to the next episode!


  • Woof: Why do bears say it? (a question from Bryant over on Bear411.)
  • A Bear Story Poem
  • BDSM – TO THE EXTREME: How much is too much?

  • Love On Craigslist, Our New Weekly Feature


  • “iTouch? I’m not familiar with the iTouch” – Jeff


  • [Ben] Ph.D Guy Explains The Benefits Of Anal Massage – From the very serious self-help video « Uranus : Self Anal Massage for Men », by the apparently certified physician Joseph Kramer.

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