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COL441: The Fall of Gay Bars

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, Damon’s out on assignment while the cubs grab their drinks and head to the bar’s backroom for a chat with guest Edward Angelini-Cooke about the fall of gay bars.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: You’re Fired!, work was crazy, and Stardew Addiction
  • Chester: Evan on PrEP, Tri-State, More Interviews!
  • Gary: Trying to keep my head above the water line
  • Edward: Applying to the PhD program for Clinical Human Sexuality, getting ready for a busy week (Marc Broussard, NYC, Thanksgiving, Santa Saturday in Asbury Park)


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Show Topic

The Decline of Gay Bars

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COL299: TTO: Chocolate, Vanilla, Swirl?

COL299In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, It’s another This, That, or Other. This time, we are inspired by ice cream to discuss some of our favorite flavors of bears. So, do we like our Chocolate bears, our Vanilla cubs or those flavors in between? Come check out our picks and have a lick.

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff – Overtime
  • Damon-Cabaret & Gaming
  • Gary – Work Changes, Run Stuff



  • Alberto Maldonado
  • Barry Holt
  • Bradley Mussell
  • Carlos Munster
  • Colton Elliot Iwata
  • David Ballard
  • Doug Boudreau
  • Gambit Jacob
  • Gary Meents
  • Glen Strange
  • Hayes Biggs
  • Jean-Marc Ory
  • Jeff Harrison
  • Jim Stevenson
  • Johnny Maio
  • Jon Garvey Jr.
  • Jorge Lopez
  • Jose Prieto
  • Kevin Kaleb
  • Marvin Rondares
  • Michael Cobb
  • Mike Hellman
  • Patrick Barton Lester
  • Paul Saint
  • Peter Kieren Munn
  • Ramiro Garcia
  • Rory Haff
  • Wally M Abs
  • Zach Davis

Weekly Topic

TTO: Chocolate, Vanilla, Swirl?





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