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COL438: Skeleton Crew

On this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we are joined by Joshua Pangborn, creator of the YouTube series “Skeleton Crew”. The guys delve into the dramatic world of the Skeleton Crew where they talk about acting, kink, gender bending, and more. From homages to horror movies to thirst requests.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Pre-BlizzCon Hype!
  • Chester: My other dog has cancer, too. TRAUMA
  • Gary: I’m about to travel and I’m not excited
  • Joshua: Getting ready for a cruise in between work and Season Three


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  • Re: COL437: Here’s something to get your day started, Jack Radcliff in #ASCIIART.  Yesterday on #COL we did an episode (COL437: Old School Bears Online) of what it was like being online as a bear when the internet was still in it’s adolescence. The topic of printing out images was brought up by our guest host, Hadrian McQuaig, and #ASCII code became a humorous point to the topic. So I created an ASCII art of Jack Radcliffe.
    • Tony Bossaller  And for those with an iPhone, check out RealWorldAscii. It’s a camera app that uses Ascii Art. (iOS 10 and before. Not a 64-bit app unfortunately.) I used to have a plugin for Quicktime that would output everything in Ascii Art.
    • Eric D Glauner  back in 1989 I’d have been so hot right now.

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  • Re: COL436: Tony: I see need to clean my office. 😛

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Skeleton Crew

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COL301: Jeff Rockcub, Dirty Water Revival Album Release

DWRcover_artIn this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we sit down with Jeff Rockcub to discuss the release of his newest album, Dirty Water Revival. From his creative process while writing music to getting the band together, we interview Jeff as he tells the story behind the album on the heels of his CD release party. All this and more.

What’s Going On?

  • [Jeff] – Caffeine!
  • [Damon] – Cell Phone Story
  • [Gary] – Stuff

Did I Do That?

  • [Damon] – Whoops!


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Weekly Topic

Jeff (Rockcub) Workman – Dirty Water Revival Release

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COL287: Canadian Extravaganza!

Daniel Rugby 287In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we talk with Tumblr bear celebrity Daniel aka Bearberlycrusher about being Canadian and an amazing list of things about him and his life. From rugby and BDSM, to exhibitionism and gaming, we learn how unique and wonderful he is.

What’s Going On?

  • [Gary] – Busy Busy Busy
  • [Jeff] – Warlords Released

Weekly Topic

Daniel Harris.

  • Tumblr account
  • selfies
  • leather
  • pup play
  • gaming
  • travel abroad
  • rugby
  • Vegan


Games Images

Space Channel 5 – Ulala vs Evila & Blank (Final Bosses)

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