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In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, Jeff, Chester, and Gary play another round Would You Rather! This time, we asked our COL Entourage to join us live through an online app.  We answer 20 XXX questions which produced some rather interesting results. See how your answers match up.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Divorce, Unlocked Allies, and a new Toy
  • Chester: Hashmarker, Lady Bears, ONYX?


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  • @ernie365123
    • Thanks @cubsoutloud for shout out on your podcast for me following your YouTube channel. You ended up getting my name right towards the end haha.
  • @GBearTrekker65
    • Enjoying the big beary fun of @cubsoutloud podcast episode 452: Who You Callin’ A Chaser?

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  • Gaprofbear – RE: COL452 – Who You Callin’ A Chaser?
    • great show guys

Show Topic

It’s another installment of Would You Rather, the XXX edition!

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COL307: Cubs Against Humanity 3!

COL307In this episode Cubs Out Loud, we return to play a fun little game called “Cards Against Humanity” ONLINE! The cubs are joined by special guests Matt aka fuzzbutt, Chester Cubcake and, from across the pond, Bruce!! This time around, we find out just how horrible Matt is as we discuss stray pubes, daddy’s belt, and sassy black women. Time to do another Google Hangout for horrible people.

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COL057: Test for Echo

We didn’t have a topic so we were all over the place.

Topic(s): Pot – What We Did –  Oh, I don’t remember.

Saudis order 40 lashes for elderly woman for mingling– JJ