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COL403: Mr. North American Bear Cub 2017

In this episode Cubs Out Loud, we are joined by an extra special guest. Just on the tails of his NAB win, the cubs welcome Mr. North American Bear Cub 2017 Brady aka Tibbers, to the show! The cubs take the time to learn more about this adorable cub and his journey. So, strap in as we get to know PupTibbers.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Unemployment and the Exploding Computer
  • Damon: Love on the Rocks
  • Chester: Packing, gearing up for Fur Flee
  • Gary: Bears Be Gaming
  • Brady: Kink U w/Shelby

Did I Do That?

  • Gary: Not Always That Smart


In Person Feedback:

  • James McLaughlin (said to Chester at the Iowa bears cub-napping dinner) “Thank you for the tips on packing for a bear run, I started taking Vitamin C and Zinc last week!”

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  • Orlando Chavez
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  • Michael Flores

Facebook Comment:

  • Charles S. Scott‎The new logo is really cool and the cover photo is WOOFx4!!!! ????????
  • Brady Abrams – “The fact that I’ve not been listening to Cubs Out Loud is a huge mistake on my part. I love this podcast! #COL

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  • Gary’s Photo

Urbandictionary with Gary

  • easy D – Effortlessly obtained dick.
    • “That guy Matt is so desperate to get with me, it’s easy D.”

Weekly Topic

Interview with Brady Abrams: Mr. North American Bear Cub 2017

Cooldown Topics

I’ll Tumbl For Ya:


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COL137: Woofy at Any Weight

This week an especially spooky Cubs Out Loud w/ special guest TMBF John!  We discuss his efforts with weight loss and all of our experiences with the Weight Watchers program.
Amazing Weekends
  • Bears on Weight Watchers
  • Moving house – Tim


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COL133: Nuts Make Things Tasty!

Should gay men and women in the military come out in droves forcing the issue of DADT? We discuss that this week along with Tim’s initial foray into the Weight Watchers world and the scary statistic that half of gay men do not know their HIV status!

Amazing Weekends

COL News


  • Things do get better


  • More of a /cry – Java Programming learning – Jeff
  • Jeff uses Linux
  • Java sucks! Python Wins! – Griff
  • No IOS4 for iPad until November?! – Griff
  • Buying an Apple TV. – Griff


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COL124: Cuddle Freeway and the Liberal Blue Hole

A slew of feedback starts off this episode including a hilariously translated voicemail  from Cookie. We discuss recent gay news and whether or not we’d attend a bear run while in a relationship. All this and Jeff has a Red Bull and HE’S NOT AFRAID TO DRINK IT!

Amazing Weekends


  • From the blog: DavidinAZ wrote:

For the record it was a bean free chili competition. Most of these don’t use beans it focuses on the treatment of the meat and sauce. My husbear and I are both quite legal US born citizens and are happy to show anyone our papers who wants to stop by for an appletini.

  • Voicemail from Cookie (Google Voice Transcription)

Glorious Alan J U So I was just you got. I love you and now you calling me up, hotmail, has the IN feel that this come along, seriously So I was waiting at the wedding. Anyway, it’s. I hope he’s ready for that. Cuddle freeway that you’ve been describing Hi. This is J. F. K and I’m Hey Jess Hello, I am. I don’t know what the. If you’ll boyfriends. I’m coming up in less than 2 months. I’ll be off of boyfriend for that a couple days have that sound and Chris So I just knew teaches you want me to change it. Yeah, mom walls around and I haven’t been up with the camera long enough to. If you get to do any clear anyway. Hi Team, and seems boyfriend job. Hope you’re all doing well, and also so you almost all of you in less than 2 months. The an invoice.

  • Comment on Brad’s email

COL News


  • Would you attend Bear Runs if you were partnered?


  • Portion sizes at restaurants – Griff
  • Going out of town for issues other than vacation – Tim


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COL102: I Got My Man Crunch All Over Your Tight End

This week the guys weigh in on the different social sites available to gay men, and whether gay culture is moving away from the hookup? Do any non-hookup sites exist or is each site what you make of it?

Hosts: Griff, Jeff, and TimCub

  • Chidiver from the comments –
    I tend to think that that Man Crunch issue is a brilliant marketing promotion.  Before now, who has EVER heard of this website?  The production values are crap, and they have 2.6 mil to spend on a Super Bowl ad?  I think not!
  • Gay dating sites vs. hook-up sites.
  • Do non-hookup sites exist?
  • Is the gay culture moving away from hook-ups?