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COL420: State of the Community ’17

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, in honor of Pride Month, the cubs come together again to discuss the state of the community. From the Stonewall riots to the Pulse shooting, LGBT+ life has been strongly affected by the month of June. This time around, the guys talk about the past, the present, and the potential future of the community given recent incidents. Has Pride truly gone political or is this just the start of the next generation?

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: It’s a whole new raid and computer frustrations
  • Damon: Cincinnati Pride
  • Gary: Pride Recognition


Voicemail: Blank didn’t get the job

Weekly Topic

Discussion of where the LGBTQIA community stands today compared to one year ago [episode COL371].

Side note: Michael Jackson died on this date [of recording] in 2009, eight year ago today at age 50.

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COL412: Full on Feedback

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys take some time to review some of our listeners’ feedback. After a couple of months of bear runs, crossovers, and interviews, the cubs share the shit ton of responses they have received from you. There’s also a sexy voicemail message!

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Some leads
  • Damon: Night at the Symphony
  • Chester: I’m in Columbus, looking for an apartment/job
  • Gary: Still recovering from DF13 and BBM6 [David Duelwood]

Weekly Topic

  • Lots of Feedback Update [items re: our racism shows will be discussed when we return to the topic in an upcoming episode]


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Facebook Comment:

  • Re: COL411: LTAS: Bathhouse Experiences
    • (Pronounced Tay) Teigh Ferguson: Chester is moving to Columbus?!? Oh My! And what is this bear pot luck Damon Babbage speaks of? Sound like fun.
      • It’s been in the works for about 4 months. – Chester
  • Michael Quinichett: I look forward to listening to this one.
  • Re: COL408 – WYR5: Hardest Sex Ever
    • Ches aka Foxbear: Hey guys. Catching ip on all the shows since January this week, felt I needed to respond to COL408.  Nah, those were pretty easy! 
    • PS I should totally come on the show again sometime, it’s been awhile.
    • Listening to all these podcasts in rapid succession has really made me miss you guys!

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  • erick ‘Σ’ Lundgren aka SigmaWolf76: Really love the cast guys!!! live in a BFE area… y’all help give me some sanity!!! (i said ‘some’) have heard y’all talk about clickin’ an Amazon link on the COL page, and y’all get a kickback. Can’t find the link… let me know,  ’bout to do some ‘power shoppin”!



  • RevBear & Troubadork joined the COL Entourage
  • OtterDave: Hi, I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your podcasts. I’m realitively new to BU and the bear community, and the episode you did on bifobia really touched me. The issues you discuss are exactly what I have dealt with identifying as a bi otter. Those assumptions about bisexuality are why I have struggled with and chose not to come out. I appreciate your willingness to discuss the topic and how understanding you all are. Thanks for making all these great podcasts and not being afraid to talk about taboo topics. Congrats on the 400th episode. Woof, Dave
  • Tibbers: Grrr!


  • From March 19th, possibly re: COL407 ATNS: Racism and Sex or COL408 WYR5: Hardest Sex Ever? – GBearTrekker65: Gary is looking really cute with the headshave and beard trim! #WatchingLive
  • From March 27th: @dftbapaul: how soon after rpdr airs do you guys do the coldr episode? I need your review lol
    • @cubsoutloud: COLDR is on a temporary delay for a couple of weeks due to Drenched Fur and a CMC Concert.
    • @dftbapaul: that’s it. This is how I die.
  • From April 3rd @GBearTrekker65  re: COL409: Drummerboy North America 2017 David Duelwood interview: Enjoying the hot manly woofness of @cubsoutloud podcast episode 409!

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  • Lots of feedback from COL407: All T, No Shade – Racism & Sex:
    • achub117 said: Great discussion and glad to hear input from everyone. Makes me want to educate myself even more and make changes for the better for everyone
    • Rotundaplomb said: Thanks for making the effort to have the uncomfortable conversations we need to have. Also, thank you for having bears of colour (in addition to @theatrecub79) to speak to the subject! [It is] Recommended listening for all LGBTQ+.
    • socalchubbybear98 said: Check this out… it’s real and needs to be discussed!
  • rotundaplomb said RE COL409: Drummer Boy North America 2017:
    • Nice bonus clip at the end! And Gary, as a man married to a big woman, the sex may not be frequent, but she’s sexy for the same reason bears are – love ‘em thick! ??
  • achub117 said RE COL408 WYR5: Hardest Sex Ever
    • Hardest Sex of All: Shower sex FTW!!!!

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COL161: You Must Be This Tall to Ride!

This week the Cubs talk about the worst things a date could possibly say to you. Does size really matter? And how can you check into the hospital a man, and come out a woman without surgery? We’ll tell you how!

So what the F did you do this week?

COL News


  • Voicemail from Ken


  • What’s the worst thing you’ve ever heard a date say?
  • Does size really matter?

Poll of the Week – Are You A Gold Star Gay?

Love On Craigslist – Bringing the best of Internet love and lust to you!



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Google Voice Transcripting

I love Google voice. One of the things I love about it is the transcription. Here’s a transcription we got of a recent voicemail:

Hey guys, It’s cookies from the county has popped up just going to you a call so that’s a listening to shirt 19 and I’m outside crystal ball. I’m very happy. See you and your boyfriend and I am quite sick of luck tomorrow and I think I’m gonna need to getting you because I A. He had a bad reaction to the love, the gone. Or and then all of them, some guy. J Have we have some thoughts on that would apply for a bit movements, mountain time, myself. That’s why you haven’t had much of the coming up accounts opened pack to. I put it back up and running for that you on your subscribers as well as RNs very shortly and just see how are you suggesting and teams boyfriend John, Hope you’re doing well and catch you make sure. Thanks.

What does this all mean? Find out on COL110.