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COL127: Homorobotic Moobs

We get a bit serious this week discussing the homosexual agenda, gay marriage, the Target boycott and discrimination by the bear community.

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  • Griff catches up from vacation.

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  • Long letter from FurryCajunCub
  • I am 32, 5’10”, 150lb and hairy. I guess I would be considered and otter or a wolf or a cub depending on the term that people feel fits. I am not by any means a bear, but I identify with the premise of the bear community and I certainly love a hot bear…I guess you can call me a chaser.
  • I have to say, after all these years in the bear community, I watched it transform from a very inclusive group that would accept just about anyone, to a more exclusive group that has its ideal look.
  • Discusses experiences at bear runs
  • In my opinion the issue is most gay men are not willing to strike up a conversation with someone they do not necessarily find sexually attractive. This issue is worse online than in person since it is considerably easier for someone to close a window or click the delete message button than to actually shun someone to their face.
  • I tend to say hi to everyone. Again, try being a guy that does not fit the typical bear mold and see what kind of response you receive. You guys are a prime example of this, not that I love you any less because of it; I have tried chatting with Jeff, John-John (when he was on the show), and thegriff with little to no success….I am simply making an observation.
  • Back before there were websites and people would talk to someone without ever knowing what they looked like, this was not an issue. I remember good old BBC and IRC groups where people would just talk to one another to form friendships.
  • The bear community over the 13 years I have considered myself a member, has become allot more exclusive and has gained the twink mentality of shunning people. I think it is time we took a step back and remembered our roots.
  • Email From Darnell

Hey Cubs Out Loud,

I have a topic for you guys and would love to hear your opinions on this…Moobs. Now if you don’t know what this is it slang for man boobs. Now as a stocky man myself I am a bit “heavy chested” so I have first hand experience with moobs. I have met guys who love to have their moobs played with and other who don’t. So here is my question, does a guy’s moobs equal a deal breaker or are you willing to hook up with a guy with moobs. Also if you have moobs do you enjoy having them played with? Just Curious….

Ok have a great show.


  • Being w/out A/C for a week – Griff
  • Anti-Karen Handel ads in Atl – Griff


  • Shopska Salata – Tim
  • Clear iSpot – Griff
  • Pocket Informant HD (iTunes Link) for iPad – Griff
  • Write-up from Biggercity – Griff
  • Looking for another podcast to keep you company? BiggerCity is proud to recommend the Cubs Out Loud podcast! Your hosts Jeffery, TimCub, and Griff provide an entertaining look at the bear world, and all the topics that link into being larger, hairier, and into other men. The now long-running podcast is hitting its 125th episode, and is a great listen, not just due to the surprisingly high production values. The fact is that Jeff, Tim, and Griff are personable, funny, and downright likeable. Their discussions will surprise you, too, with tangents diving into politics, bear runs, relationships, and everything else that affects us. Check out the link above for their site, subscribe to their RSS feed, or on iTunes!
  • Looney Tunes are BACK! Go See Cats And Dogs to see the new ‘toon, now in 3d! – Jeff

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