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COL355: WYR2: Potpourri

WYR_PotpourriIn this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we’re back with: WOULD. YOU. RATHER?! And this time around it’s a veritable potpourri of questions for the cubs to answer in a this vs that game show. From the ridiculous to the sublime, listen in as the cubs make their choices.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Pokemon and Pets
  • Damon: Firefly
  • Gary: Broken Technology

Did I Do That?

  • Gary: Acting Half My Age


Facebook Likes:

  • Lotsohuggin Bear

Google Plus:

  • Greg Hope

YouTube Subscribers:

  • Stephen Docksteader

Urbandictionary with Gary:

  • bootygasm: a climax of sexual excitement, characterized by feelings of pleasure and euphoria as a result of stimulation to the prostate.

Yeh, bro, my girl loves pegging me until I have multiple bootygasms!

Weekly Topic

Would You Rather

The hosts discuss a series of questions having to choose one option or the other.

  1. Would you rather feel like you were hungover for a week OR not use email for a week?
  2. Would you rather swallow OR spit?
  3. Would you rather email an embarrassing email to your entire company OR eat an entire stick of butter?
  4. Would you rather win a trip to Hawaii OR win a free laptop?
  5. Would you rather give up alcohol for a year OR give up your smartphone for a month?
  6. Would you rather be invisible OR have the ability to fly?
  7. Would you rather get a dream vacation for two weeks OR spend five days with anyone in the world, but you must stay in your hometown?
  8. Would you rather have hair nowhere on your body OR be very hairy all over and not be able to shave?
  9. Would you rather find true love OR 10 million dollars?
  10. You wake up naked and sore without any memory of the night before. Would you rather roll over to the Burger King telling you “you had it your way” OR  roll over to Ronald McDonald telling you that “you were loving it”?

Cooldown Topics

I’ll Tumbl For You:


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COLSP02: Supreme’s Ruling

COLSP02In this special episode of Cubs Out Loud, the hosts reflect on the Supreme Court’s ruling on 6/26/2015 that legalized same-sex marriage in the United States. With this sweeping change in the nation, the guys offer their personal stories and victories and discuss how they feel the ruling affects the community.

Breaking News

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COLDRS7-Ep9In this episode of Cubs Out Loud Drag Race, Damon and Gary talk about the ninth episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7! In tonight’s episode, they are joined by the cubs Rich & Vince! Everything’s hilariously DIVINE in this episode as the queens pay homage to legendary John Waters. Listen in as the cubs laugh out loud at this very funny show. Also, Miss Fame’s tape, ugly dresses, and Barbie doll lube pumps drive the conversation.

Weekly Topic

Current episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7
Episode 9: Divine Inspiration

First Impressions:

  • [Gary] – Trixie Betta Watch Out
  • [Damon] –  Smell the Resentment
  • [Rich] – Bye Trixie
  • [Vince] – Pearl Stepping Up

Thoughts on This Episode:

  • [Gary] – The Ugliest Dress… RuPaul wears herself in a sickening look!
  • [Damon] – What a Challenge!
  • [Rich] – The Library!
  • [Vince] – Never Looking at Eggs the same again

Thoughts on Untucked:

  • [Gary] – The face of sobriety; “Tase to the Face”, FUNNIEST Untucked EVAH!
  • [Damon] – HI-LAR-I-OUS!!
  • [Rich] – Pearl’s Makeup
  • [Vince] – Funny/Letting Loose

Cooldown Topics

Take Aways:

  • [Gary] – “It’s hard to compete with a Ginger Minj.”
  • [Damon] –  Demi Lovato on Violet: “Her performance was about as talented as a colorblind makeup artist”/The race is on
  • [Rich] –  Tired
  • [Vince] – Coasting to the Finish

Snaps / Eyerolls:

  • [Gary] – Snaps for… one the best lines this season! [play RuPaul clip], Coordinated flipping the bird in lipsync, John Waters coming backstage!
  • [Gary] – Eyerolls for… Kennedy’s/Pearl’s/Fame’s runway, Fame’s Mother Fucking Tape!
  • [Damon] – Snaps for…Trixie not going home/John Waters!!!
  • [Damon] – Eyerolls for…Miss Fame’s lipsync
  • [Rich] – Snaps for… Trixie
  • [Rich] – Eyerolls for… Miss Fame

Closing Thoughts:

  • [Gary] – Final Six; watch out for sharp objects!
  • [Damon] – The Struggle is Real…
  • [Rich] –
  • [Vince] – What’s Next With Pearl?


Miss Fame released a music video single – RUBBER DOLL

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COL159: No Ben, We Will Not Talk About Dark Shadows…

On this episode of COL, we talk about the advantages (and disadvantages) of being single and picky. Ben asks for a little help after being FUCKED over by his college’s financial aid office. Craigslist, Fruitcake Lady, llamas, and excitement about our COL Movies collaboration abounds.

So what the F did you do this week?


  • [Damon] From Ken (new Like on Facebook): “OMG I’m listening to the most recent show. I cant believe four of you think similarly to me about BDSM. I get so damned tired of these young men who DEMAND to be used, banged, and beat and bound the first night you meet them. I REFUSE. They get pissy with me and tell me I’m a pussy because I wont do it. I’m like dude you dont get it. No one wants to take time to allow you to know them and their body. WTF. Thank you. Thank your friends on the show too.”


  • Am I Picky or Realistic? The difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now…
  • Chronic singleness, Blessing or Curse? And how do you shave a llama?
  • Ben’s trouble with student grants for the summer, and how you can help.

Poll of the Week – Who would you rather sleep with? Ben, Damon, Robert, Jeff or Ms. Tammy?

Love On Craigslist – Right, Wrong or Indifferent, We Bring The Best Of CL to YOU!



  • [Ben] – The Fruitcake Lady Tells It Like It Is! A compilation of the fruitcake lady answering viewer questions, and telling it like it is. She appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

  • [Damon] – Disassembled by Junaid Chundrigar http://vimeo.com/41930613

  • [Robert] Mike Tompkins – Music producer and beatboxer.

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