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COL411: LTAS: Bathhouse Experiences

In this episode Cubs Out Loud, the guys are joined again by the sexy Mr. Hadrian to do another round of Let’s Talk About Sex. This time around, the cubs throw their towels on and discuss bathhouses. From their historical beginnings to their height in gay culture, the guys splash about with this steamy subject.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Two interviews and a boss kill.
  • Damon: CMC CMC CMC and bears
  • Chester: Drenched Fur over, CLAW up next! +Moving
  • Gary: It’s over, I took a break, not really
  • Hadrian: Western Exposure 3

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Let’s Talk About Sex: Bathhouse Experiences

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COL386: Fan Interview: Cisco Salgado

col386In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we are joined by fan Cisco for an interview and to take time to discuss another medical study we found. The cubs talk about Cisco’s life and the Bearing Bodies report. What did the guys agree and disagree with about the study and what insight can our new “expert” provide?

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: House-athon
  • Damon: Some C&A and Some R&J
  • Gary: Busy weekend
  • Cisco: Balloon Fiesta


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  • BigRock: Re: COL366: TTO: The _ILF Episode: Yes it did take place in West Virginia… 🙂 and I hear Austin is a fun place.

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Weekly Topic

Fan/guest interview show! Cisco Salgado

Bearing Bodies: Physical Activity, Obesity Stigma, and Sexuality in the Bear Community

Shaun E. Edmonds, University of Maryland and Susan G. Zieff, San Francisco State University

This study explores the ways in which Bears negotiate physical activity and body image within the ostensibly fat-positive Bear community.

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COLSP02: Supreme’s Ruling

COLSP02In this special episode of Cubs Out Loud, the hosts reflect on the Supreme Court’s ruling on 6/26/2015 that legalized same-sex marriage in the United States. With this sweeping change in the nation, the guys offer their personal stories and victories and discuss how they feel the ruling affects the community.

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COL022: Pilgrimage to the Gay Mecca

JJ’s Trip To Gay Mecca, Hamlet, WTF and our cub Picks

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