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COL423: PSA: Get a Lucky Buddy!

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud,  Damon is glamping it up while the guys welcome virgin guest, Smashy! They talk about the importance of personal safety when it comes to hook ups. But are we overreacting to some idea of stranger danger? Or is there a legitimate concern when it comes to tricking; whether at home, an event, or a bath house? See if you agree with their thoughts in today’s PSA show.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Other people’s vacations suck
  • Chester: Packing, Pokemon Go, missing D23 =(
  • Gary: The work flow is…
  • Steve: the trouble with ribfests


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  • Ches’ comment re: COL419: This is How We Genetically Role

“Identification/description in app profiles may typically get reduced to top/bottom/versatile, but it doesn’t take much to flesh things out and present a much more accurate picture of our preferences. For example, in mine, I have had the following blurb on the subject for years:

“Primarily dom/top, but will consider bottoming for suitably impressive alpha-male types and/or subbing for experienced leathermen.”

And that covers both fucking AND perverted stuff. The biggest component is honest self-examination. Everything flows from there…”


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  • GBearTrekker65 – Enjoying the conversation from the distinguished gentlemen of @cubsoutloud podcast in episode 422: Playspace Etiquette.
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  • RE:422 Sigma Wolf: ​LOVE to ALL of Y’all!!! one of the few bright moments in my long week!!!

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PSA: Get a lucky buddy!

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COL411: LTAS: Bathhouse Experiences

In this episode Cubs Out Loud, the guys are joined again by the sexy Mr. Hadrian to do another round of Let’s Talk About Sex. This time around, the cubs throw their towels on and discuss bathhouses. From their historical beginnings to their height in gay culture, the guys splash about with this steamy subject.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Two interviews and a boss kill.
  • Damon: CMC CMC CMC and bears
  • Chester: Drenched Fur over, CLAW up next! +Moving
  • Gary: It’s over, I took a break, not really
  • Hadrian: Western Exposure 3

Weekly Topic

Let’s Talk About Sex: Bathhouse Experiences

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COL162: To Bare, Or Not To Bare?

To bare, or not to bare, that is thy question on this weeks episode of COL. To help us answer this question we have the lovely and talented Ethical slut Allen join us. We also talk about the tragity that has befallen Damon’s precious Trololo, this week’s poll of the week and it’s absolutely positively official, the hot Jovial Cub Jared is our mascot.

So what the F did you do this week?

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This week on Heat Sinks

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  • The Death Of The Greatest Joke Ever On COL – Edward Khil + Damon = Love – Is No More
  • Bareback sex in the next generation with Allan

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Poll of the Week – Bareback?

  • Comment from Tommy on Last week’s poll – “Once was enough.”

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COL114: Gay Out of Compton

Some great feedback and a YouTube video spark discussion about being social and perceived hatred of feminine gays. The guys also remind you that it may be time for you to get tested.


  • Hey again guys!

    I really wanted to take some time here to comment on COL112.  Have to say–this episode is one of my favorites yet.  You guys talked about several things I’ve been thinking about personally the last few years … and found myself listening to this twice.

    First–I can relate to Jeff about feeling kind of stuck and needing to get out more …  I too am on the shy side and find that, although I don’t exactly carry around a pocket protector or have a particularly nasal voice (lol), people generally find me a bit TOO tech-savvy or “nerdish”.  I found myself siding with Griff over Jeff’s remark of whether or not to move out of Austin in that the same situation is bound to pop up in any city you land in–whether it’s Boston, Seattle, Topeka, or my native Cincinnati–just takes some looking.  Maybe you (Jeff) could join a meetup group–not necessarily gay/bear related?  I’ve found a few that were really cool and it might give you another view of groups you fit in with that you never thought about before.  There’s a place in Tampa that does a weekly drum circle, for example, and they’re a pretty bangin’ group (pun intended).

    Also, after having heard about it the last few episodes–Griff’s relationship with Ian really reminds me of my current relationship.  Coincidentally, he is a Scorpio … and we met when I was in my early 20’s.  *insert spooky music here*  He’s currently in his mid-30’s (and a bear) and I find that in the time we’ve been together (will be five years in September) it’s definitely been an adventure.  Some times easier than others, as to be expected, but it’s worked out great.  It’s all about finding that balance.  To tie this into my last paragraph, I can again relate to Jeff in that it’s easier to do things–at least for me–when you have a partner to share them with.  I too got bored at bars by myself when I was single and would rather have talked online all night to the gamer friends I had (however transparent they were over the Internet) than sit at a bar and get zero attention–or know how to go about it.  I find that I am 200% more social and outgoing than when I was single, and I take more trips and explore new places to boot.  A Catch-22 …  Some of us are just wired differently, I guess.

    The age thing has never posed a problem with my boyfriend and I, save for a few minor instances (which were bound to pop up eventually).  Outside of that, I thoroughly enjoy his friends.  Likewise, he enjoys mine when they come to town to visit.

    I will say, though–to touch on the age issue again–I used to find myself becoming further wedged from my old high school friends with the advent of them all getting married or having kids …  I’m sure I/we don’t yet by sheer default of being gay (and lack of a law allowing us to do much of anything here in Florida)–but was nonetheless daunting.  This episode really made me realize that, at age 25, life really is about how old you feel vs. what your birth certificate says.  I see that it doesn’t matter that they are settling down and setting up house–it does not mean that we cannot still be young and dumb and have a blast.  I applaud Griff for feeling as young as 24 …  There are a LOT of my partner’s friends who are, say 34 going on 60–and I’m glad he doesn’t fit that definition.

    In closing, thanks again for the insight and entertainment.  Sorry that I seem to have written a short novel and that this email is all over the place, lol, but I had a lot to say.  Great show this week, guys.

    Russell, Fort Lauderdale


  • Feminine gays.

  • Getting tested/safe sex.


  • Ellen’s having to apologize – Griff
  • BP not responding fast enough to the oil spill – Griff