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COL451: BEAR: Skin or No Skin

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, it’s another Bear Experience Action Readiness or BEAR show. This time around, the cubs channel their inner Joan Rivers and discuss “What are you wearing?”. Just in time for NAB, the guys talk about what to and what not to wear at your next bear run, leather event, or pool party.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Thirsty
  • Damon: Conversation
  • Chester: Drag Race Premiere, Zelda, TSA Redux
  • Gary: Being Distracted and Male Hot Flash


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  • Re: COL448: Shutdowns IRL vs Online – Sean Mulligan: Why was I not a special guest lol

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  • Comment on “COL450: Gay Genetics” by Chris Greene “Dr. Cisco really nailed it. Great breakdown of the meaning of studies, how to draw conclusions, and method of explaining some complex genetic concepts to non-scientists. Thanks for having him on!”

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Show Topic

BEAR Series: Skin or No Skin – what clothes do we take, or not

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COL334: I’m Comin’ Out

COL334In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we celebrate National Coming Out Day! To honor the day, we share our insights on coming out and also provide some terminology that will give you LIFE!

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff – Nothing
  • Damon – Cold Snaps Suck!
  • Gary – Fall Is Here and Kilts!

Urbandictionary with Gary

NCOD – abbreviation of national coming out day

i can’t wait till NCOD so i can tell my family i’m gay

Weekly Topic

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COL258: Boxers, Briefs, Commando

12_xlargeIn this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we are joined again by Mr. Gabriel Majors to talk about what’s going on underneath your clothes. In another This,That, or Other segment, we show off some boxers, briefs and commando options for your delight. So whether you’re a fan of tightie-whities or just love freeballing.

What’s Going On?

  • [Jeff] – Apples
  • [Gary] – Back to normal?
  • [Gabe] – Honeymooners
  • [Damon] – CLAW and why I’m home early (I’ll try to keep it short)


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InCUBnito: “woof, cute bunch of cubs!”

Weekly Topic
Boxers, Briefs, Commando





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