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COL436: Smokin’ in the Bears Den

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we are without Gary, but are joined by Ches and Tony aka cubziz. The guys pull out their pipes and take some good long draws on the topic of smoking. From cigars and pipes to smoke and ash play, breathe in all the knowledge as these aficionados show the cubs how it’s done. So, cut off your tips and light them up.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Washing clothes is better when you can be nekkid
  • Damon: Stingerfest
  • Chester: Dog problems, lots of gaming, Mask or Raid,
  • Ches: GLLA Bootblack Judge, Leather History, and FLEAS!!
  • Tony: Just started cpap this week. Avoiding Facebook.


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  • Bruce from Dayton
Weekly Topic

‘Bears that Smoke’ cigars and pipes tabacco recreationally, and for kink/scene play.

Cooldown Topics

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COL130: The ‘F’ Word

On a very special Labor Day edition the guys talk about Republican support for gay marriage, Modern Family, the naming for YOUR modern family and Scruff for iPhone.

Amazing Weekends

COL News


  • Legal questions answered:

I just wanted to weigh in on the legal question that you presented in the last show. So here is my take on the employment discrimination issues you raised in your straight guy in gay bar scenario. Under the law if you are a straight individual working at a gay establishment and the patrons at that gay establishment “sexually harass” you. The “sexually harassing” actions by those patrons are not legally attributable to the owner of the gay establishment because there exist so legal relationship between the patrons and the owner. Thus if the straight guy wanted any recourse for the harassment he would have to sue the individuals themselves for the harassment but would not have a case against the owner/boss of the gay establishment because the actions of those individuals were not directed by the owner/boss.

I hope this makes sense. For further research into this issue looking to Torts law under the doctrines of respondeat superior and vicarious liability.

Keep the questions coming that was really fun.



P.S. When are we going to see Jeff topless again I missed it the first go round…..hehehe

  • Comment from Chidiver – “A COL cookbook would be fun! Can the listeners get involved and contribute?
  • Email From Apex Flip

Good Afternoon All,

My name is Apexflip. I’m on the WeightWatchers group COL. I just started to listen to your podcast and I have to say I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!! You all are so funny. I love the way you all work with each other and have your own different onions on everything. It’s also nice to hear a podcast about bears.
Here in NY there isn’t much about bears. Mostly just twinks (which I can do without).
I also just wanted to say,

Jeff your fucking hot
Tim Bear, you are so cute I can just kiss you
Griff, you can fist me without boy butter anytime lol

Hope that all is well for all of you. Keep up the amazing work you three, Cant wait to hear more.

– Apexflip



  • A Scruff “Meh” “rant” – Jeff


  • Stormrage by Richard Knaak – Jeff
  • MBFJ’s recipe for punch – Tim
  • Mad Men on AMC – Griff

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