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COL413: BEAR: Necessities

In this episode Cubs Out Loud, we continue our BEAR (Bear Experience Action Readiness) series with a new topic. For this week’s episode, the guys talk about necessities and planning. From preparing for your trip with proper planning to making sure you have what you need to enjoy your next run or event, the guys let you in on their tips and tricks to get the most out of it.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: I’m kinda down with PVP (and you know me)
  • Damon: Shopping with the partner
  • Chester: Balls Deep In Pups, And Photography
  • Gary: Are my bruises showing?

Weekly Topic

  • BEAR: Necessities: The absolute must-have items when traveling; for leisure or pleasure.

Cooldown Topics

I’ll Tumbl For Ya


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COL411: LTAS: Bathhouse Experiences

In this episode Cubs Out Loud, the guys are joined again by the sexy Mr. Hadrian to do another round of Let’s Talk About Sex. This time around, the cubs throw their towels on and discuss bathhouses. From their historical beginnings to their height in gay culture, the guys splash about with this steamy subject.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Two interviews and a boss kill.
  • Damon: CMC CMC CMC and bears
  • Chester: Drenched Fur over, CLAW up next! +Moving
  • Gary: It’s over, I took a break, not really
  • Hadrian: Western Exposure 3

Weekly Topic

Let’s Talk About Sex: Bathhouse Experiences

Cooldown Topics

I’ll Tumbl For Ya:

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COL169: “Dog Food With A Side Of Hate” or “How To Really Piss Off Another Wal-Mart Customer”

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, I’ve had a good week getting major compliments from a hot ginger bear. I mean, I couldn’t believe it! He said I was smoking hot. Really. Oh, and we talk about corporations that donate to anti-gay groups, rude other customers, and a couple of sex stories. Same old, Same Old. COL169 starts now. Seriously, compliments from a smoking hot ginger!

So what the F did you do this week?

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From Ronnie
Hi Guys.
I just want to say I’ve only listened to your most recent episode and I’m hooked. You can count on me to keep listening.
Me and my partner Buhlou have a podcast called podcubs (http://www.podcubs.net)
I will definitely be plugging your show on either our next recorded show or live show on Thursday


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This Weeks Poll: What COL mobile game would you like to see?

  1. Cubs on a Rampage
  2. COL Powerhour: Interactive Drinking Challenge
  3. The CMC Music Factory Interactive Singing Challenge
  4. Death to Red And Khaki

Last Weeks Poll: What was your worst fuck ever?

Hi Anthony from OZ (down under)
my worst fuck – i was really horny it had been a couple of weeks, i chatted with a guy online his pic seemed ok. So i catch a cab there ($25 bucks) and the house looks like the worst on the block. I go inside he has junk everywhere (he is a hoarder) he was a cute chunky cub so i thought mmm long as he is clean.
His bed was next to his computer and the only place to sit, his bed had his dogs on it,when they moved all u could see was they fur all over the pillows and bedding. I left asap. Not exactly worst fuck but definitely worst place to fuck

So it was four months after I had ended a two year relationship. I hadn’t really gone out in a while, but a couple I knew invited me out to the bar to have a little fun. I’m glad I did, because I have the most unforgettable sex story. (Not so much worst, but tragic/funny LOL.)
So, I’m hanging out with this couple at the local bear bar. (Let’s call them Eric and Jason, to protect the ‘innocent.’) We’re having a good time, the three of us getting drunk with one of their friends they knew. (Who we’ll call Jake.) Jake had just gotten out of a relationship too, only his was so much more painful than mine. I think he had the same idea tonight: Get drunk then get freaky to forget what you had.
Unfortunately for him, it just wouldn’t go his way.
As the drinks kept flowing, so did the flirting. Eventually it got to be towards closing time for the bar. Eric and Jason invite me and Jake back to their place for some play time. I think at this point the only thing that stopped us from having sex right there in the bar bathroom was the fear of getting thrown out and not being able to finish.
The four of us head immediately to their place, clothes being stripped as we head upstairs to the bedroom. It wasn’t long before we’re all on the bed, taking turns pairing off with one another. Fuck, it was hot!
I’m on my back with my legs spread while Jake’s on top of me, grinding his cock against mine while we’re making out. I was just about to say “Jesus, get the lube already and let’s do this,” when he paused, suddenly got up and sat on the edge of the bed.
I assumed maybe the guy was going to be sick. (He HAD been drinking a LOT that night.) When he started sobbing uncontrollably though, we knew it was something else.
There’s no mood killer like a sloppy-drunk guy crying, let me tell you.
So the three of us, now flaccid and blue-balled, have to try to calm the guy down. He’s obviously NOT over the breakup, totally embarrassed, and wanted to just go home. Well he was still INCREDIBLY drunk, so Jason took one for the team and convinced the guy to sleep on the couch downstairs, also offering to talk to him a bit.
So, that leaves Eric and I upstairs with the bed all alone. We chit chatted for a while, waiting about 30 minutes for Jason to come back upstairs. Eventually, Eric and I start making out again, getting impatient. One thing leads to another and he’s giving me an awesome blow job while fingering my hole. He pulls off of me, lubes me up and fucks me till we both blow our loads, trying to be as quiet as possible.

Not five minutes after we finish, Jason trudges back up the stairs to find we hadn’t waited for him. He was pissed, but we all snuggled into bed and fell asleep. (Two of us a LOT more satisfied than one. LOL.)

—Aaron S. 🙂

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