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COL308: LTAS: Massages and Happy Endings

i_do_bear_massage_tee_shirts-r88ad19ee6ff44aa8835bf5362903de3b_va6l5_512In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys are joined by recurring guests Hadrian and Gabe to discuss the business of touching. From the various types of massages experienced to the reality versus fantasy of happy endings. Which of us has been touched the way we want?

 What’s Going On?

  • [Jeff] – Work
  • [Gary] – Run!
  • [Hadrian] – Leaving FL
  • [Gabe] – Power Watching TV


FB: Likes from Joey Chabolla and Mark Hare-King

Weekly Topic

LTAS: Massages and Happy Endings

  • Who has had a massage? If so, were you naked for the massage? Was the person giving the massage naked? Did it end in a happy ending?
  • Have you given a massage? Were you and/or the recipient naked? Did you give a happy ending?
  • Is this a fantasy of yours? Perhaps a fetish unfulfilled or fulfilled?
  • It’s a popular theme in porn. Why do we think that is?
  • Have you heard stories of experiences?
  • Do you have friends that are massage therapists?

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