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COL336: ‘My Three Way Relationship’

COL336In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the cubs have an interview with Jeff Leavell, writer of the Vice article we presented in a previous episode. We take time to discuss Jeff’s relationships and get an intimate portrait of the life he has made with Alex and Jon.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff – Nothing.
  • Damon – My Birthday
  • Gary – NO PSL Mess Ups



Re: COL333: LTAK: Chastity

Randall Stratton: great episode…as always

Urbandictionary with Gary

threesome – every man’s dream

Billy Bob’s only desire before he passed away, was to participate in a threesome.

Weekly Topic

Interview with Jeff Levell

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COL318: Father’s Day Update 2015

COL318In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, in honor of Father’s Day, we bring back one of our favorite gay dad, Tom McMillen-Oakley, to hangout with us. He updates the cubs on the goings-on with his family in the past year and includes some of his own personal projects. We have some fun while he takes a break to sit down and chat with us.

Weekly Topic

Adoption Update:

  • COL264 “My Two Dads” episode from June 2014

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