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COL434: Tom of Finland

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys discuss the legendary gay artist known as Tom of Finland. With the new biopic coming out soon, the cubs speak on the work and imagery of Tom of Finland and question its relevance to gay culture. What impact did these hypermasculine images have on the guys?


Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Must Complete Outfit!
  • Damon: Fancy Dinner/All the MEAT
  • Chester: Puppies, everywhere
  • Gary: NOLA good times, legal to travel

Did I Do That?

  • Lunch with a Movie Bear


Facebook Comment/Post:

  • Brad Harris: So great hanging out with you, Jeffery!
    • I hung out with him before it was cool. 😛 – chester
    • Brad: We were just talking about that, haha! Ah, memories. ❤️


  • Beardlovenet I love this !!
  • Beardetiquette we’re shouting out anyone who subscribes to our channel (link in bio) and sends us a screenshot.


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Weekly Topic

Tom of Finland coming to the masses in a biopic that has been making the film festival circuit. Tom of Finland Opens 10/13 in New York and 10/20 in San Francisco and Los Angeles before expanding to select cities.

Cooldown Topics

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COL310: TTO – Daddy, Bear, Cub

OctaspringThreeBears1In this episode Cubs Out Loud, it’s another This, That or Other! This time around, we provide our favorite Tumblr daddies, bears and cubs. Also, more talented cubs, fropping, and Gary drooling over Onfire40.

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff – 2/10 BRF
  • Damon – Less than a Month Away
  • Gary – The Run Is Done!


Fropping – [from ‘fat cropping’]

When a person posts pictures on social media at a certain angle (usually with filters) to make them selves look a lot more attractive than they actually are; that is the act of Fropping. One who does so is a frop.

Weekly Topic

This, That, Other – Daddy, Bear, Cub [Tumblr pics]




Honorable Mentions

Cooldown Topics


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COL253: LTAS: Who Gives a Celebrity Fuck?

MattisonIn this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys talk about SEX. This time around, it’s all about starfuckers. From the silver screen to the porn dvd, the guys state their favorite bearlebrities that they would like to screw. And as an added bonus, we talk about gingers.

What’s Going On?

  • [Jeff] – I GOT THE JOB
  • [Damon] – Rude!


BU Group: kegp, ForeskinTugger

ForeskinTugger – I must say thank you for you all doing something that you probably didn’t even know you were doing. I am totally blind and in listening to your show number 252 when you guys were talking about the photos of the guys you described them. For those of us that are blind that is great. As for the three guys I would top the bear, vers the chubby and bottom the belly. Keep up the great work guys. A show idea for you to think about is foreskin restoration. It is becoming popular and one of the other sites I belong to has over 10,000 guys who are restoring their foreskins. I have a small group on here that has about 25 members that are restoring so even some bears are doing it too.

BeefyBuzz – Hodor!

Facebook Message:

Marc Durivage – COL252: I would totally top all three guys you posted (99%top here) but especially the beefy one. It’s always a rush to dominate someone bigger than myself. It’s like controlling a horse or other big creature. A lot of fun.

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Weekly Topic
Celebrity Fucks


  • Porn Star – VeniceCub on the sea



  • Bearlebrity – Gabriel Majors

Gabrial Majors 2










  • Jeff: Fuzzbutt


Fantacy Bear Jeff


I’ll Tumbl For You:

Bearly Relevant:

  • What about Gingers/Red Heads attracts you to them?


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