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COL447: 2017 Year in Review

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the cubs bring the year 2017 to a close with a special review. Listen in as the guys give their highlights and lowlights of the year, both personally and based on the show. Was this year all that or just meh?

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Happy Christmas, A New Farm
  • Damon:  Christmas with the “in-laws”
  • Chester: Doggie Roadtrip, Zelda, Star Wars, Job Hunt
  • Gary: What the heck happened?


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  • Re: COL445  OTR: Midwest Bearfest 2017. Drinking game: take a shot every time you hear the words Chris Hauser <sp?> 😆

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  • Re: COL444  LTAS: Bottom Friendly Food. Khervin (aka Toad) Cheng Chua: Hey Chester, have you tried Fort Troff’s Grunt Marker for waterproof body ‘art’? Fort Grunt Marker
    • SportSafe Swim Marker from Amazon
  • Re: COL445  OTR: Midwest Bearfest 2017. The Sprinkle Bear: I was PTFO during the movie.

Blog Comment:

  • James Butterfield: Oh boys….if you do a Last Jedi reaction show, I so want to be on it!


  • Re: COL444 LTAS: Bottom Friendly Food. Hey guys, I know this is not the usual happy type of email you’d normally get, but I wanted to say a big Thank You.  I had a 2 hour drive on Monday from Louisville to Cincinnati as my Dad’s Time was running out, and I listened to the podcast on the way up.  You guys kept me entertained and kept me from thinking of the bad stuff ahead.  I guess you never really know how you touch people’s lives…this was one that helped me when I needed it.  Thanks. James Butterfield

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Show Topic

Reviewing the Year that was 2017

148 New Likes on Facebook this year

Most popular video on YouTube: COL398: LTAS: ‘Bud Sex’ w/ 745 views  [most viewed ever = COL280: LTAS: Digital Release w/ 3,932 view]

Most Downloaded Podcast (per Podtrac): COL403: Mr. North American Bear Cub 2017 – 1,583 downloads

Favorite COL Episode in 2017

Things You’ll Remember Most About 2017

  • Jeff: The Trump Win, my raid team
  • Damon:  Family Support
  • Chester: Taking Evan to his first ___________________ .
  • Gary: Roller Coaster Ride of Emotions [Highs: Wishes Came True (Work Travel/Passport), Drew’s 50th, Lows: ]

Things Looking Forward to in 2018

  • Jeff: Battle For Azeroth, Overwatch League, Hopes for a Badge
  • Damon:  Planned Vacations
  • Chester: Stability?
  • Gary: New Adventures

Cooldown Topics

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COL431: OTR: Amusement Park Bears

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, Damon, Chester and Gary are on the road, hanging out in Cincinnati! This time around, the guys discuss the 20th Anniversary (and final?) Pride Night at Kings Island and a weekend full of brew tours, food, drag queens, and so much more!

YouTube Live FULL Video [with tech issues]

YouTube Live EDITED Video [skipping most of the tech issues]

Weekly Topic

OTR: Amusement Park Bears

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COL357: HNU: Are You Open and Prepared?

COL298In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, it’s another hostful news update! For preparing your body for the pleasure of another person’s company, the cubs share articles about manscaping, cleaning out and open relationships. Yes, boys, you too can be ready for that casual encounter with a little TLC to your nether regions.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Way too lazy for my own good
  • Damon: 3-D Day
  • Gary – Bad dreams


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I swear, sometimes you guys are just too far into my own head…

I present to you what a night with Ronald McDonald, The King, Jack-in-the-Box, and Col. Sanders would be like.

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Urbandictionary with Gary

  • unicorn ballsAn expression used when you don’t know whether something is amazing or just plain creepy. This can be best described as your mom giving you a lap dance (it may be truly fascinating, but it’s also kinda wtf.)

Guy 1: Hey dude, I heard your mom gave you a lap dance last night!

Guy 2: Yeah… it was kinda Unicorn Balls.

Guy 1: I get what you mean dude

Weekly Topic

Hostful News Update:

Cooldown Topics

I’ll Tumbl For You:


  • [Jeff]:Heroes of The Storm WTF Moments Ep.39

  • [Damon]: Every X-Men Ever

  • [Gary]: Adele Medley – Casual Cover – Ronan Scolard & Glenn Murphy Live in Dublin

  • [Gary]: Drinking Brita Filtered Beer, Vodka, Wine, Shame

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COL355: WYR2: Potpourri

WYR_PotpourriIn this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we’re back with: WOULD. YOU. RATHER?! And this time around it’s a veritable potpourri of questions for the cubs to answer in a this vs that game show. From the ridiculous to the sublime, listen in as the cubs make their choices.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Pokemon and Pets
  • Damon: Firefly
  • Gary: Broken Technology

Did I Do That?

  • Gary: Acting Half My Age


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Urbandictionary with Gary:

  • bootygasm: a climax of sexual excitement, characterized by feelings of pleasure and euphoria as a result of stimulation to the prostate.

Yeh, bro, my girl loves pegging me until I have multiple bootygasms!

Weekly Topic

Would You Rather

The hosts discuss a series of questions having to choose one option or the other.

  1. Would you rather feel like you were hungover for a week OR not use email for a week?
  2. Would you rather swallow OR spit?
  3. Would you rather email an embarrassing email to your entire company OR eat an entire stick of butter?
  4. Would you rather win a trip to Hawaii OR win a free laptop?
  5. Would you rather give up alcohol for a year OR give up your smartphone for a month?
  6. Would you rather be invisible OR have the ability to fly?
  7. Would you rather get a dream vacation for two weeks OR spend five days with anyone in the world, but you must stay in your hometown?
  8. Would you rather have hair nowhere on your body OR be very hairy all over and not be able to shave?
  9. Would you rather find true love OR 10 million dollars?
  10. You wake up naked and sore without any memory of the night before. Would you rather roll over to the Burger King telling you “you had it your way” OR  roll over to Ronald McDonald telling you that “you were loving it”?

Cooldown Topics

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