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COL445: OTR: Midwest Bearfest 2017

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, Chester, Damon and Gary are ON THE ROAD! The guys make their way to Midwest Bearfest as it celebrates its 21st year. The cubs bearly make it through all the benefits of the weekend.

Show Topic

Midwest Bearfest 21: Bearly Legal – Our experiences

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COLDR: S9E01 & S9E02: ‘T-Time’ is BACK!

It’s “T” Time again as an ALL NEW season of RuPaul’s Drag Race makes another lap. In this episode of COLDR, Chester, Damon, and Gary spill the tea on the first two episodes of Season 9. Listen in as they GAGA over this year’s gaggle of new queens.

Weekly Topic

We’re back and it’s a new season. Let’s discuss.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episodes 1 & 2

First Impressions:

  • [Gary] – Guhrl, that Emmy brought in da money
  • [Damon] – No real changes other than the network
  • [Chester] –  Too early to call favorites, so going off Promo Looks

Thoughts on This Episodes:

  • [Gary] – Sisters that get along?
  • [Damon] – PADDING FOR DAYS!!!
  • [Chester] – Big voices, no personality

Thoughts on Untucked:

  • [Gary] – GAGA Master Class!!
  • [Damon] – Back online, just gotta remember…
  • [Chester] – Gaga’s speech!

Cooldown Topics


  • [Gary] – I’m not engaged, yet…
  • [Damon] – It’s easy to get overshadowed
  • [Chester] – I want Charlie to go far, but I don’t think she will

Snaps / Eyerolls:

  • [Gary] – Snaps for… Valentina being polished
  • [Gary] – Eyerolls for… Valentina’s ‘10 months’
  • [Damon] – Snaps for… Cynthia’s return/”Ronnie”
  • [Damon] – Eyerolls for… Aja’s makeup
  • [Chester] –  Snaps for… Personal stories (Peppermint/Cynthia)
  • [Chester] – Eyerolls for… Alexis and Trinity runway looks.

Closing Thoughts:

  • [Gary] – I think Alexis Michelle is a complete package, and then some
  • [Damon] – Need more Personality
  • [Chester] – Not wowed, but it’s still early

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