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COL403: Mr. North American Bear Cub 2017

In this episode Cubs Out Loud, we are joined by an extra special guest. Just on the tails of his NAB win, the cubs welcome Mr. North American Bear Cub 2017 Brady aka Tibbers, to the show! The cubs take the time to learn more about this adorable cub and his journey. So, strap in as we get to know PupTibbers.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Unemployment and the Exploding Computer
  • Damon: Love on the Rocks
  • Chester: Packing, gearing up for Fur Flee
  • Gary: Bears Be Gaming
  • Brady: Kink U w/Shelby

Did I Do That?

  • Gary: Not Always That Smart


In Person Feedback:

  • James McLaughlin (said to Chester at the Iowa bears cub-napping dinner) “Thank you for the tips on packing for a bear run, I started taking Vitamin C and Zinc last week!”

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Facebook Comment:

  • Charles S. Scott‎The new logo is really cool and the cover photo is WOOFx4!!!! ????????
  • Brady Abrams – “The fact that I’ve not been listening to Cubs Out Loud is a huge mistake on my part. I love this podcast! #COL

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Urbandictionary with Gary

  • easy D – Effortlessly obtained dick.
    • “That guy Matt is so desperate to get with me, it’s easy D.”

Weekly Topic

Interview with Brady Abrams: Mr. North American Bear Cub 2017

Cooldown Topics

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COL354: Mr. North American Bear 2016

RaymondSmithIn this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we have an exclusive interview with Ray Smith, the holder of the 2016 Mr. North American Bear title. Coming fresh off his win from NAB, Ray gives us some insight into the weekend, his life, and his plans for the title. So, join in as we talk with this sexy ginger.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff – New Chair and on the Job
  • Damon – Work Sucks
  • Gary – Post KY Life
  • Ray – Winning a title


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FB Group Comment:

  • Chester Beltowski: Show idea… So I’m in the shower, lathering up my naked body, running my fingers through my luscious beard, and thinking about how full my schedule is once I return to the US (on Feb 29), and I realized I need to pick up some Vitamin C. Why? you ask… Because right after I get home, I head to my first bear run of the year, Fur Flee. I then thought, this would make a great topic for COL. I know our good friend Ches has mentioned that he has a pre-run regiment for warding off Kennel Cough aka bear flu. So why not have a show about the dos and don’ts of staying healthy at before, during, and after a bear run.

Bear Underground Post:

  • gingercubguy: Damn fine Cubs

Blog Comment:

  • Greg Hope: Comment: Good show guys!

Urbandictionary with Gary

  • titleitisthe overwhelming compulsion to have a title, any title, while failing to live up to the standard of that title.

    John’s breath reeks of titleitis – he sounds like some self-important schmuck since he became club treasurer. He still can’t balance the check book.

Weekly Topic

Interview with Ray Smith, the newly titled Mr. North American Bear 2016 from Louisville, KY

Cooldown Topics

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