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COL360: Bear Perception

File_000In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we are joined by the ever interesting Hadrian McQuiag to discuss how we perceive ourselves in the bear community and beyond. From two articles, we springboard into self-identification and our perception from others. What labels do we self-identify with and what does that mean to ourselves and those around us? And where will this take us as we move forward into the mainstream?

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Hearthstoned
  • Damon:  What  Are You Doing, Weather?/Contest of Champions,
  • Gary: Spring Break Fever
  • Hadrian: Mannequin Party


Google +: Chris Ransdell 

Bear Underground:

  • gingercubguy: You make me blush I’m just a normal ginger cub


From: Ryan Coulson: Re: Game Streaming

Hey guys,


Love the show though


Ps. If you wanted to stream WoW I’d definitely watch that too.

Urbandictionary with Gary:

Electric HammerWhen you touch someone or something with your erect penis and it releases static electricity.

I accidentally gave my spouse the electric hammer and now I can only pleasure them after rubbing my stocking feet against a carpeted floor.

Weekly Topic

Can a bear see the trees for the forest if he defines his surroundings?

Cooldown Topics

I’ll Tumbl For You:


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