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COL446: COL Holiday Hangout 2017

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys celebrate the holiday season with an online Christmas party! The cubs welcome friends from far and wide to join them via Google Hangouts to talk about the upcoming festivities. Plenty of Christmas cocktails are flowing and there’s definitely some T getting spilled in the new old-fashioned way! It’s a Ho-Ho-Holiday extravaganza!

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COL248: Common Relationship Mistakes Gay Men Make

Louis-Kwong-Jr-Hot-Gay-Bear-11In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys tackle the common relationships gay men make. From neediness to comfort and all that’s in between, we review a recent Tumblr article that talks about gay men and potential relationship mistakes. Some we agree with and some we think are shit. Listen in to find out what we think.

What’s Going On?

  • [Gary] – When it rains, it monsoons
  • [Damon] – Bear Potluck


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Hearing about Gary’s Facebook friend who challenged somebody about leaving a dog in cold weather made me really frustrated. What kind of dog they are talking about wasn’t mentioned but the idea that dogs (most dogs) are in peril being in a car for some period of time when the temperature is either 32 OR 11 is silly. Many breeds of dog are perfectly safe in a wind protected enclosed space (like a car) at below freezing temps. They do have fur and tails to cover their nose with etc. Wolves, coyotes and lots of domesticated sledding breeds live in northern climates far colder than 11 or 32 degrees and without benefit of a car wrapped around them!

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Common Relationship Mistakes Gay Men Make

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An Act Of Love from Riccardo Pittaluga on Vimeo.

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