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COL452: ATNS: Who You Callin’ A Chaser?

COL452: ATNS: Who You Callin’ A Chaser? In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the cubs are joined by the adorkable Chris Diorio to talk about chasers. The guys discuss the stigma surrounding the word “chaser” and go through the perceptions of its permutations.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Food Experiments, and Impulse buys.
  • Damon: Time off. Bad news.
  • Chester: Trident Member, TSA Assessment
  • Gary: Grouchy Meh
  • Chris: Mr Chicago Leather last weekend, TCL soon, Otherwise work surprisingly slow lol


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  • Mygingerpowers
    • I got featured on Cubs Out Loud! Thanks studs. You guys are amazing! I love the podcast. Been listening for years!

Show Topic

The stigma behind the term “Chaser”

Cooldown Topics

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  • Chris: Caleb Hyles. Fantasy cover artist and super cute   

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COL410: Underbears Podcast Crossover at DF13

In this episode Cubs Out Loud, Chester and Gary take an hour during their time at Drenched Fur 13 to join Dave and Jason from The Underbears Podcast for a repeat crossover episode. Plus they’re joined by Brady and Ray, current and previous titleholders from the North American Bear Weekend. Listen in as they discuss getting caught by their Moms, Tumblr posts, winning titles, and more.

Weekly Topic

  • Two podcasts join forces on camera to discuss their experiences at Drenched Fur 13 in Erie, PA
  • Last crossover episode was Underbears Podcast Episode 21

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COL332: OTR: We Have Pie! Part Two

COL332In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we continue last week’s show where Gary and Damon are joined by guests Rockcub and Ronnie to talk about how the Bear Community changed their lives. Find out which of them is a star fucker, how long ago they learned about Bears, what’s changed in how we meet new people, and… yada yada yada.

Weekly Topic

Friendships due to the bear community

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COL251: What’s My Type?


In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we welcome back Rockcub on the show to discuss our types. We each talk about what turns our heads and makes us woof! Find out what we think we know about each others’ likes.

What’s Going On?

  • [Jeff] – Unemployed
  • [Damon] – Comics!
  • [Gary] – Still monsooning…


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Mikey wrote: “I wanted to respond to a person on your podcast page, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it (quickly as Im on the way to work), so I’ll do it here. I felt the comment left was overly dismissive of concerns about dogs and cold weather (specifically left in a car), so I thought I’d call in the experts, the American Veternary Medical Association. Here’s their take on the topic. In short, your mileage may vary, but leaving a dog in the cold for long periods anywhere is not smart. Their wild cousins are used to it, your indoor pooch is not.”

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Ches and Matt

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Weekly Topic

My Type

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