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COL442: ATNS: Feedback

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, it’s time for another cup of tea as the guys present an All T, No Shade show. This time around, the cubs read and respond to your feedback on some of our most recent episodes. Also, some Thanksgiving leftover conversations and the guys thirsting on some pics.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Marriage & Adoption in Stardew and lazy grocery shopping
  • Damon: I’m Back! ATL and Thanksgiving.
  • Chester: Banned, Birthday, Visitors, Escape Room
  • Gary: Recovery Mode Engaged


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Blog Comment:

  • Re: COL430: TTO: Labor Gay: @twatTUBBS’ comment: “just catching up on this show after I been doing alot of travelin, Im the “cigar at work” guy and it made my day that you liked my post. I watch your show all the time guys, love it and thanks for the shout out. O and to the points broght up about the pics, I am faily built but I am a foodie, it was a great cigar yes.  (Alec Bradley) and its not sweat it was oil, those are clips from a vid I made on youtube, let me know if you want the link. TUBBS”
  • Re: COL437: Old School Bears Online: tnliving’s comment: “Having a different view in some part of one’s personal life shouldn’t disqualify them from being a valued member of a community.  Just like we don’t want to be excluded or discriminated from normal civic life because we are gay, we also shouldn’t exclude others based on their political views in general. As with most issues there are plenty of grey areas but being a Donald Trump supporter is not comparable to maybe being a founder of a gay reformation group.  Being an active participant in the Westboro Baptist church should probably preclude somebody from  being taken seriously leading a gay social group.  Being a Republican (even a Trump Republican) certainly should not in my opinion.”

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  • Mapleleafcub: Thank you so much for the bear of the day
  • wingmandbq to foxbear: Not An Ask but a thanks
    • Not an ask but a thanks … It was great to hear you on the latest episode of Cubs Out Loud!! I kinda fan boyed a bit and may have even did a bit of a squeeeee!!!! too!! Thanks for being involved, it was great to hear you share your knowledge, experience and perspective.
    • Sure, bub!  I’m a semi-regular guest host with the boys from @cubsoutloud, and have probably been on eight or ten episodes–including at least three video episodes that are available on their YouTube channel.  You can probably find them all using the tag cloud over on the COL website.

W Bear – Chester:

  • Rootbeer Pup and Grizzly: You guys are awesome, I love your shows. Keep up the good work. I love listening to you guys when I can.
  • (We then got into a discussion about cigars from COL436: Smokin’ in the Bears Den

W Bear – Gary:

  • Cody says “Hey I love your pictures handsome and I relly like your podcast it got me through my weekend cleaning job and now my commute 😉
    • Yay! Thanks for letting us know. We’re glad it helped you pass the time. 🙂

Show Topic

ATNS: Feedback

  • Re: COL440: The Klondykes: From [Redacted]: This is NOT a comment of hate, this is a comment of reality……I 1st saw pics of this “contest” on the old (better) Bear Underground site. They were posted by the winner of the “Glitter Bear” title, ya know, the guy who is dolphin smooth and not bear like in any way.. After looking at these very disturbing pictures I simply asked- What do the red\pink stripes stand for then? Of course he replied that he didn’t know and that they were just shades of red and pink. So one can only figure the color stripes stand for the “Klondikes” heavy to lite flow days. The True Bear Community has been being tainted for years and years. This is the straw that breaks the community and welcomes camel toe. Bear means hair, with that in mind I wonder, do these so-called lesbian bears not shave and grow huge bushes?? This entire Bear’s Welcome Everybody thing has gone way too far. There is a line, and the Klondikes are it. Sad to see so many forget their roots.
  • In show response regarding the colors in the logo: Per our guest Courtney Chesser: “I’m so glad someone asked! The logo was made by local Aly shine. It is a mixture of the bear pride flag and femme flag on our behalf. The pinks are the bear pride “skin” colors translated into shades of pink. Pink is traditionally displayed in the femme pride flag so it’s accepting of all ranges of skin as well as ranges of femininity.”
Cooldown Topics

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COL360: Bear Perception

File_000In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we are joined by the ever interesting Hadrian McQuiag to discuss how we perceive ourselves in the bear community and beyond. From two articles, we springboard into self-identification and our perception from others. What labels do we self-identify with and what does that mean to ourselves and those around us? And where will this take us as we move forward into the mainstream?

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Hearthstoned
  • Damon:  What  Are You Doing, Weather?/Contest of Champions,
  • Gary: Spring Break Fever
  • Hadrian: Mannequin Party


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  • gingercubguy: You make me blush I’m just a normal ginger cub


From: Ryan Coulson: Re: Game Streaming

Hey guys,


Love the show though


Ps. If you wanted to stream WoW I’d definitely watch that too.

Urbandictionary with Gary:

Electric HammerWhen you touch someone or something with your erect penis and it releases static electricity.

I accidentally gave my spouse the electric hammer and now I can only pleasure them after rubbing my stocking feet against a carpeted floor.

Weekly Topic

Can a bear see the trees for the forest if he defines his surroundings?

Cooldown Topics

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COL297: LTAS: Sounds of Sex

COL297In this episode Cubs Out Loud, we are joined by recurring guest host Hadrian to discuss the sounds of sex. From the gentle sounds of silence to the moaning & groaning and on to the ass slapping, we talk about what we enjoy and don’t about the aural side of sex. So, be quiet and listen in.


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Weekly Topic

Sounds of Sex

  • Starting with ‘sound rods’ intentional mistake
  • Dirty talk
  • Verbal role play
  • Terms used
  • Music playing
  • Sounds made during monkey passion
  • Voice tones: husky, low, throaty, purring, accents, whispering, etc.

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COL281: Rise of Bear Awareness

pawdrip_bellyshirtIn this episode, the hosts are joined by recurring guest Gabe for a frank discussion on blogs, articles, and posts regarding being a “bear”. From fat shaming to belly loving, we talk about labels and choices when it comes to this thing called ‘being a bear or cub’.

BU Group: Zerocub: I love this podcast! I’d just like to thank you guys for making slow days at work bearable. 🙂

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Weekly Topic
Rise of Bear Awareness

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