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COL437: Old School Bears Online

On this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we are joined by a robed Hadrian to talk about the good ole days of bears online. From sneaking onto erotic newsgroups to the dating apps of today, the cubs take a nostalgic trip through the history of a bear’s online life.  Plus we go on a bit of a tangent about supporting bear services and content.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: The Usual
  • Chester: Driving for Ubear Eats
  • Gary: one of those weeks
  • Hadrian: Work and Western Exposure


Facebook Likes:

  • Brian Clarke

Facebook Comment/Post:

  • Paul Allen Hobby: RE:COL436: Smokin in the Bear’s Dean: Love this episode. I smoke pipes, cigars, and cigarettes and will absolutely say cigars and pipes are for taste, smell, relaxation, and socializing, cigarettes are pure compulsion.

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Weekly Topic

Dating Sites of Yore:

  • Bearnet.net
  • Bearbook/Bruizr
  • BearCiti
  • Gay.com “Bear Room”
  • Newsgroups

Dating Sites of Current:

  • Bear411
  • BearWWW
  • BearForest
  • Squirt

Dating Sites that appear to be Rolling with the Times:

  • BiggerCity
  • Chasabl/Grommr
  • HeftyNet
  • BearUnderground

Modernization of Bears Online:

  • Facebook Groups

Dating Apps

  • GROWLr
  • Scruff

Cruising Apps

  • (defunct) Mobli
  • W Bear
  • Instagram


  • Tumblr


Cooldown Topics

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COL261: The Hefty Googbook Underground

BearGroupPeaceAbstr_544057192In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys talk about the MANY social groups they are a part of, both on Facebook and Google+ and elsewhere. The guys discuss the relevance of the groups and what makes them unique. Also, there’s something called the “grapefruit technique”?


BU Group: Wolfire1

  1. Ryan Hill-Withers
  2. Jose Escoto
  3. Rene Amador
  4. La Gata Omayra
  5. Daniel Morneau
  6. Hugo Basson
  7. Markus Baerhh
  8. Dag Nilsen
  9. Spencer Burt
  10. Nick Dj-Tsunami Wyatt
  11. الملك الدب [Bear King]
  12. Paul Erickson
  13. Jeff Fontenot
  14. Corey Smith
  15. Gary Capone
  16. Neal Phipps
  17. Bryan Peters
  18. Rob Tbru Meade
  19. The-Certified Don
  20. Lee Harding
  21. Rex Wesley
  22. Eduardo Diaz
  23. J Barrick Lawson
  24. Gerald Gibbs
  25. Pony Dave Studli
  26. John Wass Rock
  27. Richard Braxton

Weekly Topic
Social Groups: Facebook, Google+, etc.

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