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COL418: Handsome vs Sexy

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys are joined by Ray to discuss a recent phenomenon; the ever increasing debate of being called “handsome” and being called “sexy”. From online dating to social apps, the guys chime in our their thoughts on what being complimented with these (and other) words means to them. Also, the cubs look at how accepting the compliment can have some positive and negative consequences.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Don’t You Know That It’s Hot, Hot, Hot
  • Damon: Reliving old stories
  • Chester: Post Tidal Wave/WDW & US w/ Evan
  • Gary: It’s betting busy
  • Ray: Taking care of Big Junk and Company


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  • From Paul Hobby, re: COL408 WYR Hardest Sex Ever: “In the spirit of the “Mary Anne or Ginger” debate, let’s go to Little House on the Prairie and ask Merlin Olsen or Victor French?”
  • From Erick Lungren re: CLAW17 co-hosts Pup Shutter’s pic: “DAM… Gary THAT short?”

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  • Tom Fleetwood shared COL416: LTAK: Consent and Respect 2: Part 1 “How fun!! with Ms. Tammy. It was cool hearing you on this podcast. I suggest everyone to take a lesson.”


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  • Andybear21: “Hi”
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Weekly Topic

“Handsome” Vs “Sexy”

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COLDRS7-Ep9In this episode of Cubs Out Loud Drag Race, Damon and Gary talk about the ninth episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7! In tonight’s episode, they are joined by the cubs Rich & Vince! Everything’s hilariously DIVINE in this episode as the queens pay homage to legendary John Waters. Listen in as the cubs laugh out loud at this very funny show. Also, Miss Fame’s tape, ugly dresses, and Barbie doll lube pumps drive the conversation.

Weekly Topic

Current episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7
Episode 9: Divine Inspiration

First Impressions:

  • [Gary] – Trixie Betta Watch Out
  • [Damon] –  Smell the Resentment
  • [Rich] – Bye Trixie
  • [Vince] – Pearl Stepping Up

Thoughts on This Episode:

  • [Gary] – The Ugliest Dress… RuPaul wears herself in a sickening look!
  • [Damon] – What a Challenge!
  • [Rich] – The Library!
  • [Vince] – Never Looking at Eggs the same again

Thoughts on Untucked:

  • [Gary] – The face of sobriety; “Tase to the Face”, FUNNIEST Untucked EVAH!
  • [Damon] – HI-LAR-I-OUS!!
  • [Rich] – Pearl’s Makeup
  • [Vince] – Funny/Letting Loose

Cooldown Topics

Take Aways:

  • [Gary] – “It’s hard to compete with a Ginger Minj.”
  • [Damon] –  Demi Lovato on Violet: “Her performance was about as talented as a colorblind makeup artist”/The race is on
  • [Rich] –  Tired
  • [Vince] – Coasting to the Finish

Snaps / Eyerolls:

  • [Gary] – Snaps for… one the best lines this season! [play RuPaul clip], Coordinated flipping the bird in lipsync, John Waters coming backstage!
  • [Gary] – Eyerolls for… Kennedy’s/Pearl’s/Fame’s runway, Fame’s Mother Fucking Tape!
  • [Damon] – Snaps for…Trixie not going home/John Waters!!!
  • [Damon] – Eyerolls for…Miss Fame’s lipsync
  • [Rich] – Snaps for… Trixie
  • [Rich] – Eyerolls for… Miss Fame

Closing Thoughts:

  • [Gary] – Final Six; watch out for sharp objects!
  • [Damon] – The Struggle is Real…
  • [Rich] –
  • [Vince] – What’s Next With Pearl?


Miss Fame released a music video single – RUBBER DOLL

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