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COL431: OTR: Amusement Park Bears

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, Damon, Chester and Gary are on the road, hanging out in Cincinnati! This time around, the guys discuss the 20th Anniversary (and final?) Pride Night at Kings Island and a weekend full of brew tours, food, drag queens, and so much more!

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OTR: Amusement Park Bears

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COL320: HNU: Our Changing Landscape

COL298In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, it’s another hostful news update! In today’s episode, the cubs discuss bear pool parties, weight shaming, and the status of the gay bar. Listen in as the bears share their opinions. Also, shameless plugs, laundry day, and we put a new bear on the COL pedestal! Who will it be?

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff – Back To Frost!
  • Damon – My Gay Ass is TIRED (Pride and other stuff)
  • Gary – Veg week; returning to watching entertainment


gay crashing (phrase): for a heterosexual to enter an LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans) event such as a Pride parade or festival. Coined by Natasha Bedingfield in an interview about Milwaukee’s Pridefest in Summer of 2008, referring to gate crashing, but the interviewer heard “gate” as “gay,” which was equally appropriate.

Weekly Topic

Hostful News Update!

Cooldown Topics

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COL 254: Are Bear Groups Relevant Anymore?

BeargroupsIn this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys ask the question as to whether or not bear groups are relevant anymore. From our local clubs to the world at large, we discuss the impact bear groups have made and how changes in the community have affected them.

What’s Going On?

  • [Jeff} – Legendary . . . again.
  • [Damon] – Party Time!
  • [Gary] – The Clock is Ticking


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Marc: Jeff, I think ur my brother from another mother! We share similar views and tastes.

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  • Russell Wolf


Weekly Topic

  • [Damon] Are Bear Groups still needed?

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COL129: The Heterophobic City

A quick round-up of this week’s homo-news and a spattering of feedback lead us into discussing the ban on gay marriage in California, straight guys working in gay bars, the trend of bachorlette parties being held in gay bars and our most hated chores.

Next Week, COL is off for a week.  Wish Jeff a Happy 30th Birthday on the 29th and we’ll see you all in 2 weeks.

Amazing Weekends

COL News


So where has Jon Jon gone? I miss our gaysian cub. He seemed very sweet and adoreable.
You guys rock. Love your podcast!
-Shawn in NH

Tim needs to come up with a COL cookbook. STAT.

The cover story of Chicago’s free daily was titled “STR8 Guy for the Gay Bar.” Yes, I’m ashamed to admit that even a free newspaper in a major city would be running such a lame story on the cover. The long and short of it is many straight men are taking employment in area gay bars. I’m not really much of a gay bar sort, but I’m a little torn on the whole concept. Sure, pretty much every person in the service business is just playing you for the money, but straight men “playing gay” is a little different (or is it?). God knows that there are more than enough gay men in the food service trade to fill these jobs, so why are likely gay bar owners filling these jobs from outside of the tribe?

It got me to thinking about another article I read about bachelorette parties deciding on gay bars and some establishments banning them. Being annoyed by bachlorettes is probably one of the many reasons I turned homo and I would like to avoid them as much as possible. I feel that all should be able to go wherever they want, but we certainly can’t go into straight and get away with acting like the soon-to-be married girls do.



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