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COL430: TTO: Labor Gay

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the cubs celebrate the hard worker in another This, That or Other. From our favorite blue collar men to the classic suit & tie and on to that sexy uniform, check out the guys’ selections as we give tribute to the Labor Day holiday.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: I Wanna Play DnD!
  • Damon: Poker Night
  • Chester: First week of work + festivals!
  • Gary: Crazy work and beer, lots of beer


In Person Feedback:

  • On GROWLr: Dan( from Knoxville TN): I just recognized your face from the COL banner and wanted to say that I enjoy your show.

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  • G. Todd Brisbin
  • David Benjamin Levy
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  • Joseph Alexander Rosas
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Facebook Comment/Post:

  • Re: COL429: Power Hour 5:
    • Patrick Bishop: You guys were a riot…
  • Jack Warbus (message): Thank you for the entertainment while on a road trip last week. My husbear had a couple of podcast saved up and we listened to the both on the road. I am now hooked.
    • That is awesome to hear, Jack! We’re glad you are enjoying the show. Thank you for the feedback and don’t hesitate to let us know a topic you’d like to hear about or any thoughts on past shows you might have. – Chester
    • Aww… thanks for letting us know Jack! We’re happy to have provided you with entertainment for your recent roadtrip. Welcome to the COL Community! – Gary

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  • Benjamin Benton

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  • Re: COL428: It’s a Mystery: Randall Stratton – Mama Gary is wearing her hangover sunglasses…jk hugs to
  • Re: COL429: Power Hour 5:
    • Randall Stratton – HOT MESS…and I’m only 13 min in..OY
    • Mike A – Happy belated Birthday Jeff! (And Damen you are so cute when you’re tipsy). 😉 You guys seem like SO much fun. Would LOVE to hang out and have a drink with you guys sometime! “Bear hugs


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Weekly Topic

TTO – Labor Gay, celebrating the Men Who Work.

Blue Collar (Laborer)

White Collar (Suit and Tie)

Uniform (Service Industry)

Sports (Honorable Mention)

[Chester’s Quick Poll]

  • Eric Meyers – Boots
  • Tyler Stillwell – Loves, loves, loves suit and tie.
  • Andrew Ealy- Blue collar… The illusion/idea of a person who is a hard worker, not afraid to get dirty, mechanically inclined, Caretaker… The ability to build, create, repair take care of our own I find to be a sexy trait.
  • Randall Stratton – Totally agree with Andrew Ealy
  • Aron Moberg – I think for me, It’s the exchange of the masculinity representative of that archetype being an object of my pleasure. Subjected to my desires.
  • Greg Ballard – yes

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COL351: TTO: Foot Ballers

COL351In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, it’s another Tumblr TTO show! Just in time for the Super Bowl, we share some of our favorite footballer pics. Wide Receivers, Safeties, and Full Backs are the name of game in this sporty TTO.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: It’s only the second time
  • Damon: A Large Member…
  • Gary: Adulting and then some


  • YouTube: Setherson24135
  • Tumblr Message: fierybiscuts to Jeff:

Not gonna lie, anytime you talk about sexy stuff on the podcast I usually end up really hard. Like you guys as a group can get me hard but YOU talking about sexy stuff usually leads me to shoving my hand down my shorts. >.>

Urbandictionary with Gary:

  • football supportersAn oversize jock strap designed to support the oversize testes of very big men during intense physical exertion.

Unlike soccer players or American football players, rugby players actually need football supporters.

Weekly Topic

Tumblr TTO

Full Back [someone who is bigger that goes between power running and blocking; aka verse]

Safety [someone we would call in at anytime as the last line of defense; aka wouldn’t kick him outta bed]

Wide Receiver [a key player that functions as the pass-catching specialist; aka stellar bottom]

Honorable Mentions


Cooldown Topics


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[Gary] – The Hadrian Show – Testing 1 2 3 

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COL340: Thanks for the Food

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys talk about one of favorite things: FOOD! In honor of turkey day, the cubs reminisce about their favorite holiday servings. From turkey and dressing (or stuffing) to cakes and pies, it’s a bountiful Thanksgiving feast.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff – Working on Thanksgiving
  • Damon – Home for the Holiday
  • Gary – It’s time to feast!

Urbandictionary with Gary

  • turkey slapped – to be slapped in one’s face possibly other places with a male’s penis.

“i got turkey slapped”

Weekly Topic

  • Thanksgiving and food that comes with it.

Cooldown Topics

I’ll Tumbl For You:


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COL279: TTO: Working Hard Edition – Office [White Collar], Retail, Labor [Blue Collar]

tumblr_ma0hf250rh1rr3l61o1_250In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the hosts present another This, That or Other! We are joined again by Gabriel (MrMajors) and Matt (fuzzbutt) as we go to WORK. Clock in and check out our picks for blue collar, retail, and white collar labor.

Topic: Working Hard: Office [White Collar], Retail, Labor [Blue Collar]

White Collar (Office)


Blue Collar (Labor)

Honorable Mentions

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