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COL452: ATNS: Who You Callin’ A Chaser?

COL452: ATNS: Who You Callin’ A Chaser? In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the cubs are joined by the adorkable Chris Diorio to talk about chasers. The guys discuss the stigma surrounding the word “chaser” and go through the perceptions of its permutations.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Food Experiments, and Impulse buys.
  • Damon: Time off. Bad news.
  • Chester: Trident Member, TSA Assessment
  • Gary: Grouchy Meh
  • Chris: Mr Chicago Leather last weekend, TCL soon, Otherwise work surprisingly slow lol


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  • Mygingerpowers
    • I got featured on Cubs Out Loud! Thanks studs. You guys are amazing! I love the podcast. Been listening for years!

Show Topic

The stigma behind the term “Chaser”

Cooldown Topics

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  • Chris: Caleb Hyles. Fantasy cover artist and super cute   

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COL283: Keep Eat Toss – I Want Candy!

hwcandy_11In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the hosts present a sort of a “This, That or Other” with some sugary treats. In honor of Halloween, the guys pick the candies they will Keep, Eat, and Toss. Listen in and rank your faves.

What’s Going On?

  • [Gary] – Fall is here damnit!
  • [Damon] – I’m 35


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  • Alan Ryan
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Weekly Topic



Sugar Rush


More than Chocolate

Mini Bites

Tongue Lickers


Peanut Buttery


Our Personal Favorites:

  • [Jeff] – Twix
  • [Damon] – Reese’s Piecees
  • [Gary] – Snickers

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