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COL434: Tom of Finland

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys discuss the legendary gay artist known as Tom of Finland. With the new biopic coming out soon, the cubs speak on the work and imagery of Tom of Finland and question its relevance to gay culture. What impact did these hypermasculine images have on the guys?


Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Must Complete Outfit!
  • Damon: Fancy Dinner/All the MEAT
  • Chester: Puppies, everywhere
  • Gary: NOLA good times, legal to travel

Did I Do That?

  • Lunch with a Movie Bear


Facebook Comment/Post:

  • Brad Harris: So great hanging out with you, Jeffery!
    • I hung out with him before it was cool. 😛 – chester
    • Brad: We were just talking about that, haha! Ah, memories. ❤️


  • Beardlovenet I love this !!
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Weekly Topic

Tom of Finland coming to the masses in a biopic that has been making the film festival circuit. Tom of Finland Opens 10/13 in New York and 10/20 in San Francisco and Los Angeles before expanding to select cities.

Cooldown Topics

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COL297: LTAS: Sounds of Sex

COL297In this episode Cubs Out Loud, we are joined by recurring guest host Hadrian to discuss the sounds of sex. From the gentle sounds of silence to the moaning & groaning and on to the ass slapping, we talk about what we enjoy and don’t about the aural side of sex. So, be quiet and listen in.


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  • LycanCub92
  • Numberguy


  • David Ray
  • Gerald Hoffman
  • Godisincontrol Hewillalwaysprovideforme
  • Joseph McGonigal
  • Josh Cohen
  • Josh Medina
  • Michaelangelo LeBlanc
  • Peter Callaghan
  • Ray Cabron
  • Roy Younger

Weekly Topic

Sounds of Sex

  • Starting with ‘sound rods’ intentional mistake
  • Dirty talk
  • Verbal role play
  • Terms used
  • Music playing
  • Sounds made during monkey passion
  • Voice tones: husky, low, throaty, purring, accents, whispering, etc.

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