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COL443: BEAR: Staying Healthy

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we get a little dirty as we have another BEAR show (Bear Experience Action Readiness). In preparation of Midwest Bearfest, the guys talk about maintaining your health during a run. From keeping yourself from getting kennel cough to helping in the prevention of run drop, the cubs exchange some fluids information on how to better prepare for your health.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Shopping is done.
  • Damon: Ready for a vacation.
  • Chester: Cat is sick, interview, Columbus Zoo
  • Gary: December is here?!?


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  • Ray Wallen
  • Terry Carl-Johns

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  • Re: COL441: The Fall of Gay Bars – Jay Yospa: Enjoyed this. I keep an extinct bar list of the places I’ve gone to that are no longer there

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  • Re: COL421: Couples Age Differences – FURinTeeth: 27yrs apart here, together coming up on 15yrs together.

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Re: COL442: ATNS: Feedback:

  • Chris: Thank you so much for having this episode! I love that you didn’t sweep it under the rug and called out exclusionary thinking. Done with sass and strength and compassion. Thank you for rocking the boat.
  • James Butterfield: Hey guys, just ordered my COL shirt!  And just to make Jeff happy, I also bought a mug!
  • J-Mo:
    • 1.  I’m glad you like my 12 inch vinyl singles from Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston!  I have another wall devoted to Jody Watley, Patti LaBelle, Madonna and Michael Jackson.
    • 2.  Sorry about the scoutmaster socks and the sneakers, that’s just something I like, one of my kinks is the BSA uniform (as you’ve previously mentioned, thank you again, BTW, THAT full video is available on the aforementioned xtube)
    • 3.  Gary, I’m glad I’ve managed to get back in your good graces, my apologies for anything that might have put you off previously…  🙂

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  • Fierybiscuts – RE: COL442: ATNS Feedback – “Gosh I love this podcast. :D”

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BEAR: Staying Healthy: How to be prepare for a successful experience mentally, physically, spiritually.

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COL342: Old School Podcast Potpourri

cubsoutloudIn this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we got nothin’. Well, that’s not entirely true. We decide to have a potpourri of topics from the ridiculous to the sublime. Strap it on folks, it’s a long one.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff – Looking . . . for a new job
  • Damon – I came out to my mom and all I got was a new laptop! 😉
  • Gary – It’s December, right?


Email From Henry:

Hi, guys.  I enjoy most of your shows, but I have to admit that the Cards/Cubs Against Humanity ones leave me cold.  It’s great that y’all have so much fun with this game, but I’m just not feeling it.  Not much better than watching somebody else play Monopoly.  I have now resolved to delete future shows featuring this game, without listening to them.

 Rant over.  (Or was that a bitch?)  You asked for filthy e-mails — let’s see what’s festering in my head….

Idea for a future show: Do you know anyone who owns or has used a fucking machine?  Plug it in, make any necessary adjustments, shed your clothes, climb on & assume the position, and let modern scince drive you wild.  (At least that’s how I envision it.)  Ought to make a great podcast if you can find a user to interview.

I find myself turned on by tales — or better, videos — about male incest.  The family that fucks together comes together.  The idea of getting naked and rubbing up against one’s dad, uncles, brothers, cousins, etc. is intriguing.  

Imagine looking deeply into your father’s eyes while he pumps his cock into your ass.  Reaching up & tweaking his tits while your brother is trying to push his head between the two of you so he can get his mouth on your cock.  Reaching out your other hand to finger-fuck little brother, while his mouth is on you.  And all the time Dad’s cock is giving you the best fucking you’ve ever had.

Just thinking about it has me squirming in my computer chair.  Gotta sign off now & go finish this fantasy alone.



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  • [Damon]: Cinema Sins: Everything Wrong with Inside Out

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