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COL427: LTAK: Flogging

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys are joined by the knowledged Ches aka Foxbear for another Let’s Talk About Kink. For this kinky-go-round, the cubs discuss the impact play known as flogging. Listen in as the guys give some tips, tricks and technical tools on floggers and flogging. It’s an impactful conversation.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Computer Downtime
  • Damon: Jocks on, Asses Out!
  • Chester: Settling in, a broken window, Cap City Pup Night
  • Gary: Good and Disappointing Foods


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  • Co-hosts Damon, Gary, and recurring guest Ray (aka Karen Forecox) take a quick selfie at the Gem City Bear 2017 contest. Congrats to the winner Benjamin Benton!
    • Benjamin Benton – Thank u!

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  • re: COL425: Dear Gay Men – Randall Stratton – American gods is done for the season and yes the sex scenes were hot.

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Weekly Topic

Let’s Talk About Kink series discussion. Topic is a part of impact play, flogging.

  1. Vocabulary [descriptions not definitions]
    1. Impact Play
      1. Flogging
    2. Sensations: Sounds & Feelings
      1. Thud
      2. Sting
      3. Bite
  2. D/s relationship
  3. Implements Involved
    1. Flogger Types
      1. Different hides yield different results
      2. Different shapes of falls yield different results
      3. Different fall counts yield different results
    2. Not limited to floggers
      1. Paddles
      2. Crops
      3. Wartenberg wheel
      4. Breath
      5. Hands
  4. First Time Expectations

Cooldown Topics

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COL295: LTAK: Pup Play

PupPlayAOn this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we have another Let’s Talk About Kink. This time, it’s pup play! We are joined by Chester/AlphaShutter, Daniel aka BearberlyCrusher, and pup Jericho to discuss this aspect of kink.Grab your favorite chew toy and cuddle up.

What’s Going On?

  • [Jeff] – 7/7 Heroic
  • [Damon] – Louisville Trip
  • [Gary] – No NY Crud!
  • [Chester] – There’s No Place Like Home
  • [Daniel and Jericho] – In Bed



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  • COL287: Canadian Extravaganza!: Thomas Hammond: listened to show at work with my headphones, made my monday enjoyable

Weekly Topic

  •  Pup Play – definition
    • A ‘fetish’ derived from Dom/Sub side of BDSM where the sub counterpart takes on behaviors of a dog, a Dom counterpart takes on a role of “handler/trainer.” Puppies will get into a “headspace” where it is easy for them to shed their human self and accept their puppy self.
  • Roles/Duties
    • As with any fetish, there is no black and white.  It’s not uncommon for pups to take on a slave type of role.
  • Reasons for experience
    • Chester: For me, it allows me to express myself with a different persona. Being obedient is very easy for me, and I enjoy the interactions of a Dom counterpart treating me as a pup.  I also have more self confidence when I am in a public space like a bear run or gear night, I also draw attention to myself and I get hit on quite a bit more.
  • Prevalence/Awareness
    • It is becoming more and more accepted throughout the BDSM/Fetish community, especially at events like Folsom, IML, and CLAW. Particularly “Puppy Moshes.”
  • Outside misunderstanding [what people think it is vs. truly is]
    • As with most BDSM/Fetishes, people not familiar with the community often believe that the “sub” counterpart is not a strong person and enjoys being abused. Puppy play is very much the opposite. Trainers/handlers often treat pups with more caring and playfulness than a regular BDSM/Fetish relationship. It’s very similar to how a person would treat a biological puppy.



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