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COL398: LTAS: ‘Bud Sex’

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we are joined by Hadrian for another Let’s Talk About Sex! This time around we talk about “bud sex”, where rural guys are hooking up with other guys, but are totally “not gay”. Is this a new phenomenon or just a rebranding of something the guys already knew about?

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Hibernation Mode
  • Damon: Union Suits and Revisiting Spaces
  • Gary: New Year, SSDD
  • Hadrian: Travel and Fun

Weekly Topic

Let’s Talk About Sex discussion with guest Hadrian on ‘Bud Sex’. Part of the topic will be covered by two recent articles about men having sex with men and ‘dropping’ labels.

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COL383: All T, No Shade: Biphobia

col383In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we present a new series of shows. This one is called “All T, No Shade” and allows the hosts to provide a more frank opinion on some potentially polarizing subjects. For this first show, the cubs discuss biphobia. From our personal dealings with bisexuality to admitting our personal biphobic tendencies, the cubs keep it real about their feelings.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Pain in the Butt
  • Damon: Being Sick
  • Chester: Back in the USA
  • Gary: Living with parents



So I just finished listening to episode 374 of COL, and I’d just like to thank you Sir. It was a touching conversation and many good points were brought up in the discussion.

You are most welcome. I’ve been a longtime listener but during that episode the discussion shifted to include someone in my situation. Which unfortunately, I find is rarely addressed since for many it isn’t an issue.

I will say that y’all were spot on when discussing how many of my generation are more aware of who they are attracted to at a much younger age.

Oh, I would just like to thank you again, the podcast has helped me a lot over the years. Whether it was for entertainment (comedic or sexual), informative, or just something to detract from the loneliness.

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Weekly Topic

  • Biphobia definition: Biphobia is aversion toward bisexuality and bisexual people as a social group or as individuals. People of any sexual orientation can experience or perpetuate such feelings of aversion. Biphobia is a source of discrimination against bisexual people, and may be based on negative bisexual stereotypes or irrational fear.
  • Bi-now, gay later.
  • Bisexuals are just plain selfish!
  • Is there Biphobia in the kink community?
  • I’m Bisexual, But I’m Not Buzzfeed Video:

  • Opinions on choosing the label of bisexual, how people act towards them, and personal experiences.

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COL332: OTR: We Have Pie! Part Two

COL332In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we continue last week’s show where Gary and Damon are joined by guests Rockcub and Ronnie to talk about how the Bear Community changed their lives. Find out which of them is a star fucker, how long ago they learned about Bears, what’s changed in how we meet new people, and… yada yada yada.

Weekly Topic

Friendships due to the bear community

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COL280: LTAS – Digital Release

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we have a special episode with the incredibly tasty Hadrian McQuiag and the ever enjoyable Gabe Majors. We brought together members of our COL family to discuss what technology we use today for some uhh… stress relief.

Weekly Topic
LTAS: Digital Release; using apps/websites etc for personal enjoyment

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COL208: The Craigslist Writing Workshop

craigslist-ads101218_16x9_xtralarge_1This weeks episode of Cubs Out Loud we look at the best way to write a Craigslist ad, and we help you identify the good from the bad from the UGLY from the REALLY UGLY!

What the F Did We Do This Week

Topic:  Love On Craigslist – Bringing The Best Of Love And Lust To You! – The Craigslist Ad Writing Workshop – The Good, The Bad and The REALLY UGLY of ads, both personal and otherwise!

This Week’s Poll: What appeals to you most in an Ad?

  1. Pics pics pics
  2. A great header
  3. Sexy talk
  4. Bad Grammar
  5. Other
  • John: The fact that the dick is about to shoot his dick off?? Seems appropriate.

Last Weeks Poll: What is the biggest disillusionment?

  1. Wrong Age
  2. Old/outdated pictured
  3. Purse falling out
  4. Bad conversation
  5. Completely Stolen Pics/Profile
  6. Other
  • Aaron: VOTED: Bad Conversation. I’ve been pretty good at weeding-out fake profiles. Outdated pics come in close for me, but unless you’re just TOTALLY different than your pic, I can work with that. (Usually) lol



  • [Jeff] HEB Hummus

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