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COL435: SquareBears

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys interview the handsome Brian Coffey aka SquareBears. The cubs talk about his comic series on Instagram, his inspirations and aspirations, and get a little personal. All this plus Gary’s interesting backdrop, szechuan sauce and Sailor Rangers.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Things and stuff.
  • Damon: Sickness, comics, and flogging
  • Chester: hitting the gym hard (in more ways than one)
  • Gary: Runaway Roadtrip
  • Brian: Just wrapping up NYCC and working on Inktober, which is a daily drawing challenge for the month of October

Did I Do That?

  • Chester:  Did my work do that?


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  • CurvesAndCrevices: in re: Episode 433: Quickfire Questions:
    Loved 433 – such fun! (Yes, I’m a little behind…) – I am a tall guy and would happily pretzel-up any way necessary for Gary. – I’m totally with you on burritos (Robot or Not?: 102: Sandwiches https://overcast.fm/+Ep2XiNkWo) – Chester’s sign-offs are fast becoming one of my favourite parts of the show. You guys are awesome!
  • Rotundaplomb said: in re: to Jeff’s 15 day regrowth of his beard…: Handsome Bear is Handsome

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COL125: My Gay Best Friend

The Griff is on assignment, Jeff giggles about having a cubby over, is Bear the new Twink, the Westboro Baptist Church gets attacked by superheroes, and much more.

Amazing Weekends


  • From the Email

Hey Guys,

Jay from Boston here again.

I was recently talking to a non-bear on manhunt. I asked him what his thoughts were about the bear community and here is his reply

“You kidding me? Bears are nice & friendly, as long as you look exactly like they do. If you’re not a bear you’re pretty much shut out. They always pat themselves on the back for being welcoming and open, but the reality is that they’re the biggest bunch of snobby clones going. Everybody looks alike, dresses alike, acts alike. Can’t stand the whole scene. It’s like bears are the new twinks.”

Also I noticed a clear separation between Bears and Muscle-Bears during Bear Week in Ptown. Why can’t we all get along? The same went for Pride in NYC.

What are your thoughts about this?

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  • TRON Legacy Revealed on Yahoo! Movies – Jeff
  • 3D movies – Tim


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