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COL378: State of the Podcast

COL378In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the cubs are joined again by Chester aka Shutter to discuss some feedback they’ve received from recent episodes. From marriage equality to men on the DL, listen in as the guys dig into some comments from our fans.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: DIABLO! And glasses.
  • Damon: It’s HOT and Suicide Squad
  • Gary: No Gamping but Bestie Time
  • Chester: Pokemon Go can go fuck itself. Brighton Pride. Personal life is being turned upside down.


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Re: COL376: WYR: International Edition

  • Andrew Ealy: Fun show… Made my long road trip more enjoyable!… FYI… Car over Fridge, Muzzle over Glasses, Book over Song, Tape over Tree, Speeding Tickets over Gas, Clean/Colonic over Dirty Toilet, Light Cold over Dark Warm, Facts over Emotions, Push over Pull, Wonder Woman over Batman,

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  • chubnerdchaser:Really loved this episode! As someone who is one of the (mostly) D/L guys, it was good to hear more from the other side of the coin. Also really glad you touched on the type of D/L guys who aren’t “out” about being into chubs or bears, even if they’re otherwise out as gay. It’s one of my pet peeves! Keep up the great work!


  • chubnerdchaser: Highly recommend listening to at least 374 if you’re not a regular listener. It’s really good. I laughed, I cried, I got a semi. Thanks for recording it!

Weekly Topic

State of the Podcast

New comment on your post “COL371: HNU: State of the Community2016″ From Jay

Email feedback from listener RJ:

Hello guys its RJ i thought it was easier to send an email rather than leave a very lengthy message in the comments section, first off one of my earliest experiences with a guy was the DL

Richard and I both worked at Meijer and as time went on we developed a relationship of sorts..which included messing around at work (how we were never caught is an honest to god miracle..LOL) then as time went on we would see each other outside of work once neither of us worked there he was of course married and neglected which his how and why things happened between us (btw even though he is still single we still mess around)

next up is Robert…I actually poached him from another mostly straight fuck buddy and Robert and I still mess around though once i did see him out in public and did not approach him as he was with his daughters girlfriend at the time and did not want to make things odd for him.

Oh i have also managed to play around currently with a guy from Chaturbate..hes married but has a really high sex drive for a man in his mid to late 50s…LOL

And you also asked if there were ever any guys we have hooked up with that were kind of odd or secretive about playing with them…actually Gary there are guys and mutual friends between us i have played with and that have asked for discretion..not sure if its due to me being more effeminate or what but its all about having a good time.

BTW..you had asked me about some show ideas Gary..i was thinking about dating deal breakers…or perhaps how apps are almost eliminating traditional dating..

Stalkers was another show topic i suggested

Thanks guys take care and keep up the good work


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COL376: WYR: International Edition

COL376In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, it’s another Would. You. Rather! This time around Jeff and Gary are joined by Shutter and Bruce in the UK for an international version of our game show. From muzzles to geysers, this one has questions all over the place. How would you choose if it were up to you?

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Filling out the Wardrobe and Rockman
  • Gary: Rock on!
  • Chester: More Pokemon Go, Belfast, IR, Scotland
  • Bruce: Buried in work (sadface)


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Urbandictionary with Gary

  • fuck it mountain: It’s after you realized you have taken so much shit from people because you are nice. And every time you do something bs the pile gets bigger and bigger until you have reached the tipping point where you are like fuck this shit I’m out. Then whatever comes your way, you don’t care.

Fuck this, I’m pretty sure I’m on fuck it mountain right now. Go ahead, it symbolizes life right now.

Weekly Topic

Would You Rather!

  1. Have a fridge that constantly stocked itself with your favorite food and drink OR have a car that never broke down or ran out of gas?
  2. Have a famous song written about you OR a best-selling tell-all book?
  3. Wear glasses that impair your vision OR a muzzle that impairs your speech?
  4. Always wear a belt of caution tape (the yellow tape with “CAUTION” in big black letters) OR always wear a small tree-shaped car air freshener as a necklace?
  5. Get free gas for your car for the next 5 years OR be exempt from speeding tickets for life?
  6. Have to use the toilet that is unbelievably filthy and gross OR use one that’s clean, but the water seems to be bubbling in the bottom and you sense that it’s going to erupt with some kind of geyser effect?
  7. Be stuck in a dark warm place OR stuck in a cold light place?
  8. Push something OR pull something?
  9. Be able to plant factual and true information into peoples’ thoughts OR be able to plant emotions into peoples’ thoughts?
  10. Have to try to elude the pursuit of Wonder Woman OR Batman?

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