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COL437: Old School Bears Online

On this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we are joined by a robed Hadrian to talk about the good ole days of bears online. From sneaking onto erotic newsgroups to the dating apps of today, the cubs take a nostalgic trip through the history of a bear’s online life.  Plus we go on a bit of a tangent about supporting bear services and content.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: The Usual
  • Chester: Driving for Ubear Eats
  • Gary: one of those weeks
  • Hadrian: Work and Western Exposure


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  • Brian Clarke

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  • Paul Allen Hobby: RE:COL436: Smokin in the Bear’s Dean: Love this episode. I smoke pipes, cigars, and cigarettes and will absolutely say cigars and pipes are for taste, smell, relaxation, and socializing, cigarettes are pure compulsion.

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Weekly Topic

Dating Sites of Yore:

  • Bearnet.net
  • Bearbook/Bruizr
  • BearCiti
  • Gay.com “Bear Room”
  • Newsgroups

Dating Sites of Current:

  • Bear411
  • BearWWW
  • BearForest
  • Squirt

Dating Sites that appear to be Rolling with the Times:

  • BiggerCity
  • Chasabl/Grommr
  • HeftyNet
  • BearUnderground

Modernization of Bears Online:

  • Facebook Groups

Dating Apps

  • GROWLr
  • Scruff

Cruising Apps

  • (defunct) Mobli
  • W Bear
  • Instagram


  • Tumblr


Cooldown Topics

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COL334: I’m Comin’ Out

COL334In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we celebrate National Coming Out Day! To honor the day, we share our insights on coming out and also provide some terminology that will give you LIFE!

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff – Nothing
  • Damon – Cold Snaps Suck!
  • Gary – Fall Is Here and Kilts!

Urbandictionary with Gary

NCOD – abbreviation of national coming out day

i can’t wait till NCOD so i can tell my family i’m gay

Weekly Topic

Cooldown Topics

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COL294: F***, F$%^, F*&$ity, F$#%: The Best of 2014!

COL294On this episode of Cubs Out Loud, with the new year dawning, the cubs reminisce on the year of 2014. We discuss what we liked as the best episodes, our favorites of COL, and also the highlights of our year. Laugh along with us as we reprise our favorite moments from the year.

What’s Going On?

  • [Jeff] – Christmas and lack of work
  • [Damon] – Compliments from Strangers and NYE Plans
  • [Gary] – NY Vaca


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  • Johnny Sin

Gabe is the bald bearded one right?  So fuckin sexy

  • CypanArc

Eye glasses with beard. Perfect

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  • Bruiser Wolf Sussex
  • Keith Goshagar
  • Loren Pup Atlas Leonard
  • Matthew Temple
  • Tony Emling

Weekly Topic

Best of 2014 – recap episode: Cover all the usual categories, add a few fun others like best run, best trick, best thing to happen to you in 2014, etc.

COL Moments:

Favorite COL Topic of 2014:

  • [Jeff] – COL275: Power Hour 2 – Jeff’s Birthday Bash

Favorite Link/Pick/Tumblr of 2014:

  • [Gary] – COL244, Jan 12’14 [first episode of the new year] onfire40 comment: to our pick of him for Tumblr. “Cubs Out Loud. Very touched and flattered you guys thought I was hot. My name is Marc and I live in Montreal, Qc. That’s right. French Canadian bear! Lol. You guys totally rock. Gonna make a special pic just for you guys! Cheers boys! Xxxx” which resulted in the infamous underwear with our name on it pic.

Most Downloaded Episode of COL 2014:

Best Thing to Happen to You in 2014:

  • [Jeff] – My Raid Team
  • [Damon] – House Plans
  • [Gary] – Weddings: H/T, R/V

Best Trick:

  • [Jeff] – Mike
  • [Damon] – LA via Portland
  • [Gary] – Indy

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COL236: Uncle Gary’s Porn Stash

Porn StashOn this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys gather to discuss PORN!! From our humble beginnings with our relative’s girly mags to the finding of the bears on the internet, the guys talk about where we got our porn, how much we have, and why we keep it (you know, for more than just a spank bank).

What’s Going On?

  • [Jeff] Bonus Business
  • [Gary] Fabulous Birthday Vacation
  • [Eric] Fabulous Birthday Weekend
  • [Damon] Mr. Tri-State Leather Weekend

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IDawgIK: Our job has been very accepting of us being gay (both Phil and I work for the same company). Interestingly enough, there are currently 6 gay guys working there (others have in the past as well). That’s about 30% of our company. We also host various gay websites (including Bear Underground, The Denver Wrangler, Front Range Bears, and Octobearfest), and have a potential client for a gay magazine locally. Definitely a ton of support there.

Akcubb: Just listened to episode 230 and it reminded me of this.

Sammy: Hey, guys i know you haven’t heard from me in a while. I am a little behind listening the podcast but never stop, i just got busy with my job. I am not upset/displeased with you guys and hope you guys neither. Life been good and i still like the show.
– Sammy

Weekly Topic:

A friend of Gary’s recently discovered a six year old copy of “100% BEEF” magazine stuck in a suitcase on a trip. This brought to mind how the landscape of ‘porn’ for the bear community has changed dramatically.

Quick rundown of history of porn and what has happened specifically in the bear community over the past decades.
History of Porn in General – been around since before civilizations were formalized. Depictions of a sexual nature have existed as figurines, rock art, and then moved to newer forms of expression.
The Bear Community’s Porn History in General Details

  • Lone Star Saloon opened in San Francisco in 1989 and its clientele became the images captured and promoted within ‘Bear Magazine’ which began shortly before in 1987. This later came under the name of the business Brush Creek Media in 1991.
  • Print media and video production were the mainstays from the communities beginnings in the late 1980s and still to this day in some aspects. Print media is incredibly limited now; example – PinUp Mag [www.pinupsmag.com]. Video now exists primarily in digital format online; example PanthoenProductions.com, BearFilms.com and so on.

Host questions to discuss:

  • How did you discover bear porn?
  • Did you collect any? Do you still have any now?
  • Does it have personal value to you?
  • Has your interaction changed over the years? [as in print; mags/stories, to online live cam shows]

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