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COL452: ATNS: Who You Callin’ A Chaser?

COL452: ATNS: Who You Callin’ A Chaser? In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the cubs are joined by the adorkable Chris Diorio to talk about chasers. The guys discuss the stigma surrounding the word “chaser” and go through the perceptions of its permutations.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Food Experiments, and Impulse buys.
  • Damon: Time off. Bad news.
  • Chester: Trident Member, TSA Assessment
  • Gary: Grouchy Meh
  • Chris: Mr Chicago Leather last weekend, TCL soon, Otherwise work surprisingly slow lol


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  • Mygingerpowers
    • I got featured on Cubs Out Loud! Thanks studs. You guys are amazing! I love the podcast. Been listening for years!

Show Topic

The stigma behind the term “Chaser”

Cooldown Topics

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  • Chris: Caleb Hyles. Fantasy cover artist and super cute   

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COL407: All T, No Shade: Racism & Sex

In this episode Cubs Out Loud, the guys are joined again by two CA pups, Pup Beacon and Pup Yoshi, to continue an “All T, No Shade” episode about racism and the gay community. In part two, the guys get onto the topic of racism and sex. From marketing to porn, the guys take time to discuss issues of stereotypes and how they affect perspectives.

Weekly Topic

Racism & Sex

Discussion points:

  • How minorities are sexualized and desexualized
    • Wanting a black man cause he has a big dick
    • A Latino cause he’s spicy
    • An Asian man because he is submissive
  • Minorities not being seen in marketing as often as white men
  • Minorities aren’t seen in porn as often as white men, and when they are…
    • Black men are thugs
    • Latinos are cholos
    • Asians are subs

Cooldown Topics

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COL367: Bear Issues?

COL367In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys take time to review a review of a study regarding the bear community. What are some of the risky behaviors this study states occur with bears? The cubs take time to discuss their opinions about the topic as well as another take on DL guys in the community.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: You gotta have goals
  • Damon: Learnin’ from the youngins
  • Gary: Getting caught up



  • AJ Lewis re: RPDR Finale/Season Ending discussion of Bob the Drag Queen being Viola Davis. From November 2014 –



  • Mitch Bresett
  • Tj Wolf


COL365: Game Time #1 comment

  • Randall Stratton: aw..poor Gary…you are like that drunk chick in 40 year old virgin..you want some “fucking french toast”….LOL

Urbandictionary with Gary

  • Woke: Being Woke means being aware.. Knowing what’s going on in the community. (Relating to Racism and Social Injustice)

Person 1: Stop bringing racism into everything

Person 2 : Your clearly not woke

Weekly Topic

Bear Issues….? 

On the flip side:

Men on the DL w/in the Bear Community

Cooldown Topics

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bighoustonbear’s blog

The Chasee  Becomes the Chaser….

Tony Statue 2 I had gastric bypass in 2003. I went from almost 470 to 325 – a loss of 145 lbs. Or, as my former boss in Boston said, “A Backstreet Boy”. Since that time I’ve gained back about 30 pounds, mainly from not walking everywhere like I did in Boston, but also the abundance of Mexican food. sepia tony Owning a car and being within a 5-minute drive of about a dozen excellent taquerias has proven to be my downfall. I bring up all this not to toot my own horn, but to lead into a sort of paradigm shift I’ve been experiencing over the past few years.

All of my life I have never really had a “type” that I was more physically attracted to – – speaking purely to physical attraction alone, I am drawn to a wide variety of shapes/skin colors/ethnicities. In all my past relationships, though, all of my partners have been considerably smaller than myself.  (Picture a Great Dane dating a minature Greyhound).  Until recently I had never given thought to considering another chubby bear in anything other than a strictly plutonic way.  Within the past two to three years, though, I am increasingly attracted to men more like myself in stature. I have come to appreciate what only chasers have experienced with a big bear. chubby bear1Having always been liberal and open-minded when it comes to one’s attractions, I probably should not be as surprised as I when I get turned on by a guy with a huge, hairy belly or thick, chunky legs.   calvin klien reality for men

Now I will always be attracted to the muscle cub/runner/body builder types, and yes, even some twinks. But it’s a wonderful thing to get aroused by a big hairy bear or chub – as I said earlier – an interesting paradigm shift…….

big butts