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COL411: LTAS: Bathhouse Experiences

In this episode Cubs Out Loud, the guys are joined again by the sexy Mr. Hadrian to do another round of Let’s Talk About Sex. This time around, the cubs throw their towels on and discuss bathhouses. From their historical beginnings to their height in gay culture, the guys splash about with this steamy subject.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Two interviews and a boss kill.
  • Damon: CMC CMC CMC and bears
  • Chester: Drenched Fur over, CLAW up next! +Moving
  • Gary: It’s over, I took a break, not really
  • Hadrian: Western Exposure 3

Weekly Topic

Let’s Talk About Sex: Bathhouse Experiences

Cooldown Topics

I’ll Tumbl For Ya:

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COL101: Bi-partisan Dissing

The cubs discuss the potential CBS fail, State of the Union and the iPad.  Plus an update on Griff and JJ’s diets.  Next week: gay dating sites, do the exist.

COL News


  • Commentary on CBS and the superbowl in general
  • Discussion on of State Of The Union – including DADT
  • The iPad is coming!
  • Are bears more techie than non-bears?
  • JJ & Griff’s diet progress…


  • Fuck You, John McCain – Griff



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