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COL431: OTR: Amusement Park Bears

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, Damon, Chester and Gary are on the road, hanging out in Cincinnati! This time around, the guys discuss the 20th Anniversary (and final?) Pride Night at Kings Island and a weekend full of brew tours, food, drag queens, and so much more!

YouTube Live FULL Video [with tech issues]

YouTube Live EDITED Video [skipping most of the tech issues]

Weekly Topic

OTR: Amusement Park Bears

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COL282: Let’s Talk About Kink – Dom/sub, you don’t say!

LTAKIn this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we welcome Ches and Matt to lead an in depth discussion on Dom/sub relationships. From defining some of the terms to offering their takes on the dynamics, the guys exchange insights and provide an intriguing dialogue on power exchange and control.

What’s Going On?

  • [Damon]-Where I Have Been (Comic Con, Bluegrass Leather, Ren Fair)
  • [Gary] – Getting Older

Weekly Topic

BDSM Discussion: Dom/sub Dynamics

  • Dom/sub, Daddy/boy, Sir/boy, Master/slave
    • Role play vs Power Exchange
    • Power Exchange
      • Dom/sub – umbrella
      • “With great power comes great responsibility”
        • Master/slave – focus on pleasure of Master; steward/guardian of slave
        • Daddy/boy & Sir/boy – conditional submission; varying kinds
          • Daddy/boy – mentoring, growth and nurturing for better service in and out; temporary relationship with a defined beginning and end
          • Sir/boy – personal service tailored to the Sir ; extended dynamic with long term possibility
  • Labels, Identities & Titles
    • Look at the power exchange
    • Self-identification
    • Thoughts on Being a Bear
    • “Respect somebody else’s kink”
      • Needs, Activities, Experiences
    • “Safe, Sane, and Consensual” – old mantra?
    • “RACK – Risk, Aware, Consensual, Kink” – new mantra?
  • Play Dynamics vs. Scene Dynamics vs. Relationship Dynamics
    • Play – experiencing with known boundaries
    • Scene – substantial power exchange; individuals familiar with aspects of time, players, experience levels
    • Relationship – extend outside of private settings, more public appearance
  • Closeness of Leather/BDSM Community
    • Support structure for others
  • Respect, Reciprocity and Abuse
  • Personal Responsibility in Representation
  • Local Community Reaction
  • For Da Noobz

I’ll Tumbl For You:


  • [Gary] – No Boyfren Bon Qui Qui feat. Tammy

  • [Jeff] – Matt Alder – Handsome Man

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