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COL434: Tom of Finland

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys discuss the legendary gay artist known as Tom of Finland. With the new biopic coming out soon, the cubs speak on the work and imagery of Tom of Finland and question its relevance to gay culture. What impact did these hypermasculine images have on the guys?


Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Must Complete Outfit!
  • Damon: Fancy Dinner/All the MEAT
  • Chester: Puppies, everywhere
  • Gary: NOLA good times, legal to travel

Did I Do That?

  • Lunch with a Movie Bear


Facebook Comment/Post:

  • Brad Harris: So great hanging out with you, Jeffery!
    • I hung out with him before it was cool. 😛 – chester
    • Brad: We were just talking about that, haha! Ah, memories. ❤️


  • Beardlovenet I love this !!
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Weekly Topic

Tom of Finland coming to the masses in a biopic that has been making the film festival circuit. Tom of Finland Opens 10/13 in New York and 10/20 in San Francisco and Los Angeles before expanding to select cities.

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COL188: The “Un”Complete Bear?

On this week’s episode of COL, The cubs welcome Brad from the Enthusiast Cubcast to the show and discuss the 2012 Best of the Bears nominees. We talk the things we do know about, the MANY we don’t, and all that’s in between. Listen as the cubs rant and rave about the voting process and maybe a bear coup? Rockettes, Lazy Town, and bear porn (mmmm chubsite)

So what the F did you do this week?


  • FROM BU: Hey guys 🙂 Love the show. I found it a few months ago and it has quickly become one of my favorites. I’m now working my way through your old episodes. I’m on 23 now so i still have a long way to go. I have a quick question for you guys. In your opinion at what point does a cub turn into a bear? Hope you have a good week. Hugs, tugs, rubs, and licks from your frozen cub/pup up north Nathaniel a.k.a. akcubb or Nate Panda
  • FROM BU: Hey guys, I am very very surprise that I am part of the 187 episode not as a guest but be mentioned and in fact I am 23 not 20 lol. About be a child that’s how you guys call me, well I rather be a child than an adult honestly I still feel like one inside. The reason I plan to leave Bear Underground can only be understandable if you read my blog at tumblr (storiesfrom2worlds) and no I am not leaving because someone hurt me or someone did something is just that I feel this place is not for me, thoughts about come back like you guys say mmhmm I have no plans to but you guys open my mind about found a solution and log in once in a while maybe! I have a plan B on mind. Also want to say that the show is good and I like it because for being a gay podcast you guys show respect to most of all people, and yes with no shame I identify myself as a guy in the closet like what you guys was talking in the 186 episode and yeah my reasons of no show my face openly are about recognition and what people could say about me, but even thought if I am going to meet with someone I want to see his face long time before get to meet if happen that’s why I only show my face to those I been talking for awhile or trust enough. So I do show my face or something that show how it is.Thanks for make me kind of part of the 187 Episode and not make me look bad on it, But now not famous but like someone with attention. P.S. I started to listen the show because of Robert!. So going to miss him being on the show.- Sammy (Mystery Sammy)


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