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COL429: Power Hour 5: Drunk Cubs, The Next Birthday Bash

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, IT’S BACK!! This week’s podcast show is the return of our annual Power Hour. Jeff’s Birthday is once again upon us and the cubs are celebrating his b-day with the craziness of a drink/shot every minute for one hour straight. Yes, you read that right. We line up the alcohol and shoot ’em down every minute until all 60 are gone or we tap out. Don’t forget our special rule, when we reach your age in minutes/shot number, the shirt comes off. Basically somewhere between 21 and 50-something, all participants will be topless. Jeff turns 37 this year, will he make it thru 37 shots? Come join the fun with Jeff, Damon, Chester, Gary, Derek, Greg, Drew, Brady and more.

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COLDR: S7E6: The Bitches of Untucked

COLDRS7-Ep6In this episode of Cubs Out Loud Drag Race, Damon and Gary talk about the sixth episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7! In tonight’s episode, the drama becomes real as the queens spill the tea on each other. Who’s to blame for the stirring the pot: Ginger or Max? Also, the cubs tackle the acting challenges, the bullshit and more. And, will Miss Fame ever SHUT UP?!?!

Weekly Topic

Episode 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7

First Impressions:

  • [Gary] – Hacks… poor acting jobs
  • [Damon] – Give Violet a chance?

Thoughts on This Episode:

  • [Gary] – The bitchiness has arrived
  • [Damon] – What’s with all the acting challenges?

Thoughts on Untucked:

  • [Gary] – Ginger tastes nasty and Max is hated
  • [Damon] – The Stitch & Bitch Club (Ginger, Katya, Kennedy)

Cooldown Topics

Take Aways:

  • [Gary] – Snaps for… Ross Matthews trying to work
  • [Gary] – Eyerolls for… all the shade and shit stirring aka ghosts of drama past
  • [Damon] – Snaps for…Merle Ginsberg is back/Ariana Grande during LSFYL/Untucked
  • [Damon] – Eyerolls for … Max poking the fire (at Kennedy)

Closing Thoughts:

  • [Gary] –
  • [Damon] – SNATCH GAME!!

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