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COL425: Dear Gay Men

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the cubs (sans Chester) take some time to review a recent op-ed article addressing the use of “chubby” in the gay male lexicon. The guys give their thoughts on the issue of using certain words to describe our brethren of size. Also, Maxine Waters doesn’t have time for bullshit, road head, and eye color.

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What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Money Makes the World Go Round
  • Damon: Some time off

Chester’s on the road relocating from the north central plains to the heartland of Ohio

  • Gary: It ends!


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  • COL424: Greg Ballard: So much fun being on the show! Great group of guys!

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COL414: OTR: CLAW 2017

In this episode Cubs Out Loud, Damon, Gary, and Chester traveled to the city of Rock ‘n Roll. This On The Road show was recorded live from Cleveland, Ohio while the guys attended CLAW 17. From workshops and fun, to poly relationships, puppy play, and a bathhouse pool party, these topics and more are whipped into their chat.

Weekly Topic

On the Road: Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend 2017

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