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COL449: 10 YEARS OLD!?!

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the cubs celebrate the tenth anniversary of the podcast. That’s right! In 2008, a group of guys were brought together and COL was born. Since then, the show has had several co-hosts, guests, topics, and a whole lot of fun! As the guys reminiscence on the shows of COL past, learn a little more about the history and what’s in the works for the future. It’s a decade of dubious debauchery.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: BAU, Stardew Valley Marathon of Madness
  • Damon: Another Musical Week
  • Chester: Greatest Showman, FT work, Evan’s dick…
  • Gary: I got mauled at MAL


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Show Topic


Pilot show posted back on Thursday 1/17/08. And now we’ve recorded 658 episodes to date! That’s 448 regular episodes, with 16 special/alternate shows, 135 COL Movies episodes, 15 COLTV shows, plus 44 episodes of COL Drag Race ‘T-Time’. PLUS 6 Random Acts of Cubiness… Whew!

Cooldown Topics

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COL249: On The Road: Gary and Damon chat with Chris and Rex LIVE!

nabweekendIn this episode of Cubs Out Loud, Gary and Damon traveled to Lexington, Kentucky for the 3rd annual Mr. North American Bear Run. They carved out some time on Saturday afternoon to discuss their experiences with fellow attendees Chris Gardner and Rex Mumea. Grab a beverage and listen to another show with a series of free form ideas of what it’s like to be hosted by the Kentucky Bourbon Bears in the heart of K-Y.

North American Bear Weekend

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COL152: Carnal Carnival

Jeff screwed up with the best of bears and forgot one of the most important people, Joe Mannetti.  Finally hear the interview with the Best Bear Fundraiser.  Then onto the meat of the show with Freddy Freeman as he talks with Jeff about the next Bearapalooza event, the Carnal Carnival at Roy’s Hideaway.

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COL107: Coming Out Of Hibernation

Griff, Tim and Jeff, catch up after so long being off. We talk about Mega Bearapalooza streaming live on live.bearnation.us, The Atlanta Eagle, Clothing optional, DADT protests and more.

COL News:

  • BEARNATION.us has teamed up with Bearapalooza and Roy’s Hideaway to bring you the event live as it happens. BEARNATION.us will be streaming video from Mega Bearapalooza on April 17 from 2pm – 11pm EST.


  • Atlanta Eagle News
    DADT Protest


  • Glympse – Griff
  • Reluctant Pick – Telephone by Lady Gaga – Jeff

COL106: Best of Bears Outtakes

Everyone else is MIA, so we give you the raw recording of Jeff and Griff when they recorded their parts for COL104.

WTP – Jabba The Bear I Am Not – Jeff

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